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Paper craft inspiration for pre-school children

Card, child-safe scissors and a dollop of inspiration – and even if you’re struggling with the last part, there’s plenty of that here. Pre-school children have the fine motor skills and curiosity to be able to complete simple paper craft activities. Head over to an online supplier such as Hope Education for your essentials, round up the kids and try out these three ideas.

A paper pyramid

Build tributes to these magnificent structures and use them as part of a diorama exploring Egyptian history.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Sand
  • PVC glue

Cut out four equilateral triangles and a square base from your sheet of card. Make sure each piece has tabs for easy sticking. Then do the same using paper – the card pieces act as strong backing while the paper can easily be colored and detailed. For a final flourish, thinly coat the pyramid in glue and sprinkle over the sand.

A colorful caterpillar

Thanks to the much-loved Very Hungry Caterpillar, these creatures lend themselves well craft activities. Each body segment can be used for different colors, numbers, letters or even textures (such as Velcro, foil or fuzzy felt). Plus, it’s a cinch to create.

What you’ll need:

  • Card
  • Child-safe scissors
  • PVC glue
  • Paint or fabric of your choice

Simply cut out as many circular segments as your caterpillar needs – one for the head, the rest for its body. Then cut a slim crescent out of one side of each segment, so that they all fit snugly together. On a sheet of card glue the caterpillar in place, then add the segment’s letters, colours or textures. You could even super size the project to include all the names of the children in the class.

A puffing train

Much like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, steam trains have a very popular place in kids’ hearts thanks to one Thomas the Tank Engine. Add in the noise, the steam and the spectacle and it’s easy to see why. Here, you can create a simple steam locomotive.

What you’ll need:

  • Card
  • Paint, crayons or markers
  • Child-safe scissors
  • PVC glue
  • Cotton wool
  • Spaghetti

Here you can encourage teamwork – one group can work on wheels, one the driver’s cab, one the engine and so on. Once everything has been glued in place – a paper tray is a good idea as a base – you can start to add special touches. From the smoke stack, affix a few flattened cotton wool balls to simulate steam puffs, perhaps flecked with a little grey paint. And beneath the wheels you can stick lengths of uncooked spaghetti rails.

Meanwhile, you could add carriages filled with pictures of the children in the class, while the background could be painted to depict the local area or the nursery itself.

A great place for further early years resources is tes.co.uk – the teachers’ website is full of helpful guides and ideas for nursery age children. Meanwhile, Australian website kidspot.com.au has some great paper craft guides for all ages.



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