ParentingAlternative Solutions to Try to Help You Organise and Store Your Hobbies

Alternative Solutions to Try to Help You Organise and Store Your Hobbies

Hobbies are a great thing, but they take up space. In a country where space is a luxury, that’s an issue. Take a look at our tips for storing your hobbies and the components that come with them.

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Rent A Storage Unit

Rent A Storage Unit

The easiest way to store your hobby pieces is to get them out of the house. Before your other half starts enthusiastically nodding, we mean storing all the superfluous stuff in a storage unit.

We’ve all got things we reach for first, but the rest can be accessed when we need it. The latter can go into local storage where it will be safe from thieves and the rain until you need them.

If you collect toys for example, and they start taking over the house, they can go into a storage unit where you can access them whenever you want.

Mix Display Cabinets With Cabinets That Do No Such Thing

If you have a hobby that lends itself to being displayed, like figurines, crafts, etc. you’re going to want to show that off.

And we don’t blame you, but don’t go into the furniture store and come out with a head-to-toe glass case.

We wouldn’t even suggest getting open bookcases. Your home will very quickly start to look cluttered. Instead, buy a mix of display cabinets and closed cabinets.

Your To Be Read pile can go in the drawers and doors of the closed cabinets and the conversation starters, the ones you really love, can be displayed on the bookshelf.

Use Your Vertical Space

The most useful tip we can give you is to use what vertical space you have, not for that poster that takes up an entire wall, not for one or two tasteful shelves, but for the space it offers.

Install cabinets in your spare room for all your stuff, or wall shelves to display it, and you’ll still have room for everything else in the spare room.

Whether you need a desk, a bed, more storage, etc. you will now have the room for all of it with your bookcases lifted off the floor.

And if getting a desk or bed into the room isn’t an issue, look into floor to ceiling furniture. Buy cabinets and bookshelves that reach the ceiling and use up all that otherwise useless wall space.

Hide The Rest In Plain Sight

If you’re in a situation where your hobby doesn’t really go with the aesthetic of the home, and all the stuff everywhere is resulting in some semi-playful arguments about the house not being a playpen and taking up too much space, you might want to look into some furniture storage solutions.

They will allow you to put all your paintbrushes and paints in a unit under the bed, in the ottoman, in a sideboard or even a wardrobe if the collection is big enough.

They’re out of sight and therefore out of mind while not taking up any unnecessary space with box after box.

And there are plenty of options to choose from. Invest in a loft bed stacked on chests of drawers, or a desk with lots of storage space for your crafts.

Get a bed with drawers built into the base, or a full-length mirror that doubles as a cabinet, and lots of other innovative ideas.

These are all great options because they look better than piles of boxes, which will keep the other half happy, but they also allow for easy access.

Boxes stacked on top of boxes is only going to fall down like a house of cards when you go looking for something at the bottom.


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