Chit ChatOpinion Views: I Hate One-Sided Pit Bull Views

Opinion Views: I Hate One-Sided Pit Bull Views

I am a proud Pit Bull owner and mother of 2. There I said It. Still today when people find out your a mother and own a Pit Bull you get nothing but looks of disgust and unapproval. I don’t let their ignorance bother me one bit.

My husband had the Pit Bull before we ever met and me being a dog lover had no intention of getting rid of our furry friend because of the breed she was. Neither one of us had worries about bringing children into her home. We did do a few things differently, but we would have done that with any pet that we had. For instance the day the children were born, before bringing them home, my husband took their first little baby hats home so that our pet could smell the scent and get used to it.

Life is different when you’re a Pit Bull Mom. Not because of the dogs… but because of the people who hate them.

That statement is totally true. If we were to own a Cocker Spaniel or a Beagle, no one would say a darn thing about it. They’d just go on about how sweet and cute the animal is no matter what.  But in today’s world and with the media we’re looked upon differently for being Pit Bull owner automatically opens us up to usually unwanted criticism, rude comments and people judge us simply by the breed of dog we own.

When we take her out for a walk people walking down the street will cross over to the other side, those walking with children look nervous and cling to their children. It’s really something. We also had this very rude neighbor, who has thankfully moved, that did not like Pit Bulls (he admitted that to us one day as we were trying to be friendly) so he would bang around on our fence while she was outside just to get her agitated. And yes, we do have a fenced in backyard because we don’t believe animals should be chained to a fence and we don’t want our animals to get lost, hit by a car or even stolen because we let them roam the streets.

Ignorance. People who hate Pit Bulls simply because of their breed are ignorant. It’s not the breed of the dog, it’s how that dog or any other animal was raised and is treated.

When I was little my brother loved to tease the family dogs. One day he picked on an old Beagle, yes a beagle, that was older, tired and trying to eat at the time, well after plenty of warning and my brother pushing it as far as he can, the dog turned around and bit him in the face. My brother still has that scar today and had he just left the dog alone he would never have gotten bit.

ALL DOGS ARE DANGEROUS. Not just Pit Bulls . Any dog is capable of injuring or even killing a child.

To the parents out here.. why aren’t you watching your children? Children are well known for tugging on tails and ears too hard, blowing in their faces, hitting them, etc. Don’t let them do it.. to any animal. When kids, or even adults, start playing a little too rough with the dogs they WILL eventually snap back. It’s just a natural instinct to protect themselves that even we as human beings have.

Thanks for listening to my rant on One-Sided Pit Bull Views.

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