LifestyleOni: The Knife that Spreads, Slices & Even Cuts Plastic Wrap

Oni: The Knife that Spreads, Slices & Even Cuts Plastic Wrap

How cool is a knife that spreads, slices and even cuts plastic wrap? So cool! At least in my family it is. I love these little multitasking accessories for the kitchen so when they asked if we were interested in receiving a sample for review… I couldn’t resist! All I could think about was the fact that I’ve never had a knife (or seen one – but maybe I don’t get out that much?!) that could cut plastic wrap the way the Oni does. oni-dreamfarmThe Oni knife is a great all in one knife. The blade, which is made from stainless steel with hollow grounds, creates air pockets to easily cut foods like a tomato or a block of cheese without them sticking to the knife. The end of the blade was created to spread and the end of the handle was created to cut plastic wrap. And it sells for only $24.95.

I love this about the knife, my only wish is the the knife was bigger. It’s a smaller knife which doesn’t bother me the least, but sometimes we need a bigger blade on a knife and when we did the Oni just didn’t cut it as far as size went. It’s definitely the perfect size for cutting your smaller vegetables, cheese, small onions, potatoes, etc.


The end of the knife has kind of a slant to it which they call a spreader tip.. this makes it easy to pierces food packaging and lets you scrape every last bit out of those plastic containers. This worked perfectly for us when we used the last of the peanut butter. We buy so much peanut butter and jellies around here for the kiddos for snacks that I’m always trying to scrape out everything I can from the bottom of the jar to save some money!


Check this out! This is my favorite part.. it cuts  plastic wrap! Yeah yeah, I know the plastic wrap container has a cutter on it already but this is so much cooler! Plus I always fight with that stupid little thing and I usually use scissors to cut the plastic out of the package anyway. It took a little practice with the Oni to get the hang of it and get a good cut (because I’m apparently not smarter than the plastic wrap!). Once I got the hang of things though it was smooth cutting from there.

Dreamfarm makes some other nifty little kitchen gadgets as well. I love the look of a lot of these and will probably try to get some of these purchased to try out. Here are some of my other Dreamfarm favorites:


Onpot – a pot lid holder that rests your pot lid on the edge of your pot so condensation drips back in.

Membo – a daily reminder that flips over to let you or others know if a daily job has been done yet.

Chopula – a spatula that is flexible for flipping, strong for chopping and sits up off your bench.

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