ReviewsOh Baby! Shampoo & Conditioner from Nine Naturals

Oh Baby! Shampoo & Conditioner from Nine Naturals

This review for Nine Naturals was written by Caryn from Rockin’ Mama. As one of our “greener” moms that is also pregnant with baby #2, she was the perfect candidate to try out the all-natural products designed for moms-to-be by Nine Naturals.  

Nine Naturals Oh Baby! Shampoo & Conditioner Review by Rockin’ Mama


About 90% of the products I use are organic, natural, and otherwise “green.” If there is an eco-friendly alternative to a product, I’ll opt for that one over something conventional. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m even more vigilant about ensuring that whatever goes in or on my body is free from harmful chemicals.

I’ve tried a TON of natural shampoos, conditioners, and body washes in the last several years, in search for the “perfect” brand. One of the things I’ve noticed about any shampoo or conditioner that does not contain chemicals like parabens or phthalates is that they often don’t “foam” the way I would like them too. Fortunately, this was just the opposite with the shampoo I tried from Nine Naturals.

Nine Naturals is a new company (I hadn’t heard of them prior to this review) specializing in natural products for pregnant women. They recently launched their Oh Baby! line which includes a shampoo and conditioner free from any chemicals and designed specifically for pregnant women. Here is a little more information about the 2 products from the site:

Minty and moisturizing, Oh Baby! Shampoo and Conditioner are packed with essential plant oils, organic aloe and B5 so that moms get the extra hair hydration that they need while expecting. For an extra kick, the Oh Baby! line has natural aromatic oils that fight fatigue on sleepy mom mornings.


gift_setI digress for just a second… My already sensitive sense of smell has been heightened by first trimester hormones and morning (all-day) sickness. Just last week I had to tell my husband to take the shampoo I currently use and move it to another part of the house because it was triggering morning sickness! And it just so happens that I received the shampoo and conditioner from Nine Naturals just in time to put aside my current shampoo, so I gladly took the opportunity to use it. Mint is one of my favorite smells and both the shampoo and conditioner have this mild, calm, minty smell to them. I know you’re not technically supposed to rub conditioner in your scalp (apologies to the stylists out there) but I did and it made my scalp tingle and feel like a giant mint which was so soothing. The shampoo suds up really well which gives me assurance that my hair is getting clean. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft and I didn’t have any trouble combing it (remember I have thick, curly hair!).

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with both products. I’d love to see the company develop specific formulations for different types of hair (i.e. curly, straight, dry/damaged, etc.). Both products only contain 9 ingredients which is less than half of the amount of ingredients in conventional shampoo and conditioners. Nine Naturals products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and DEA. Wheat proteins and vitamin B5 are added to the formula to moisturize, build hair strength, and prevent postpartum hair loss (although, with the amount of hair I have, I could probably stand to lose a few). Both products retail for $19 and the company is currently working on a body wash. Stay tuned!
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