ReviewsNubar Nail & Skin Care Products - Round 2

Nubar Nail & Skin Care Products – Round 2

The reviews keep pouring in for all these great nail and skin care products that nubar has to offer.


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After being touched with the effects of cancer within his own family, Noubar Abrahamian, founder of nubar, didn’t want to produce a product that could possibly harm customers so he set out to develop a healthy alternative for this hard working industry. nubar set the standards high for this task; they did not want to compromise wear-ability, durability or strength in the process. Finally, the task was finished, we are proud to announce to you, nubar, “The Healthy Alternative For Nail Care” exceptional nail lacquers, nail art and nail treatments containing zero Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP) Phthalate. nubar’s non-toxic line includes 14 exceptional Nail Treatments, over 180 colors, Moodies-48 color changing nail lacquers. nubar also carries 48 colors of nail art complete with their own individual stripping brush and dotting tool. nubar has made history with the introduction of “Nail Art Pens.” What makes nubar Nail Art Pens so unique? Each bottle contains the highest quality Nail Art Paint available and the finest striper brush inside the cap in combination with a fine tipped pen allowing the nail artist even more diversity in their creations.  nubar is constantly striving for the best products to offer their customers and promises to continue to do so. nubar is available through over 500 distributors throughout 22 countries worldwide.


The Reviews

Janet from Grammy Janet’s Place says…

nubarI like the bottle shape because when you dip the brush in, it tilts at a perfect angle making it very easy to catch the polish on the brush. The shape of the handle is very easy to hold. Nail polish bottle shape and handle grip are the first thing I look at when I buy nail polish even if I am drawn to a specific color. The brush is perfect, there are no scraggly ends. I have learned that it is always a good idea to check the brush because many of them are not cut perfectly and this prevents the nail polish from going on smoothly.

It was very easy to apply the Nubar Nail Polish to my nails. It went on smooth and even. I timed how long it took for the first coat to dry and it was only 3 minutes! It dried to a beautiful shine. In my opinion you do not need to apply a second coat. I did apply a second one though for this review. The second coat intensified the beauty of the color and it took 4 minutes to dry. Drying time for both coats was only 7 minutes! I did not wave my hands to dry them or use a spray dryer, I let them dry naturally. I would call Nubar Nail Polish Fast Drying!

Leeanne from HappyMommy3 says…

Nubar sells carcinogenic free nail care products, which is a cancer-causing substance. The products are also formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate free. These products are free of all the toxins that are put in all the other nail care products.


On a quick side note, I never really realized all that is in the other nail polish and quite frankly it makes me a little nervous. Not only for myself but I use that stuff on my girls nails. Basically I am putting a cancer-causing, flammable, toxic, acidic substance on my nails and my children’s nails. That is a little scary. Especially for my youngest daughter. She is still a little young for nail polish but she is a thumb sucker and may still suck her thumb when she is a little older. Do I really want her sucking her fingers with all the toxins on there? No, not really.

Anyways, I was sent a really pretty pink nail polish color and some lotion. First I would like to say the smell of this lotion is fabulous. I was sent the Hypnotic Skin Essentials. It has a wonderful hint of citrus. The lotion does not leave my hands feeling oily and greasy. They feel soft and smooth. When I use the lotion, I catch myself smelling my hands periodically until the scent wears off. Yummy! LOL!

Aimee from Just Shakin’ My Bon Bons says…

nubar2The Skin Essentials line contains anti-oxidants, shea butter, essential oils and Vitamins A & E to nourish and heal your dry skin. They are also paraben free. What does that mean? It means they do not contain parabens-substances that have been found to potentially cause cancer in humans. Nubar Skin Essentials describes their lotions as being able to achieve long lasting moisture. I must admit, I was skeptical of this claim. The lotion feels rather light, slippery and watery when applied. Once on, you can definitely feel the lotion, but it isn’t filmy as many lotions are. It soaks in quite fast and immediately my skin felt softer. The real test would come overnight. I applied a healthy amount of lotion to my legs before going to bed. I was fully expecting to wake up to the same dry scaly legs I wake up to every morning no matter what I put on them. I was pleasantly surprised that they still felt soft and there were no signs of the Sahara Desert. Even more surprising, I could still vaguely smell the scent of the lotion!

I sincerely hope they develop a line just for hand and nail care. While the Skin Essentials line really does what it says, it does not hold up well to repeated hand washings. I run my own home based candy business, so my hands are always being dipped into something messy and being washed. The lotion seems to hold up fairly well to one or two light washings, but a really good scrub or more than 2 light rinses, and the lotion goes right along with the dirt. All in all, this is a very good lotion and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light, non greasy moisturizing lotion.



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