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NightSkin Review

Last year we did a a Fab Find on NightSkin and I also had the opportunity to test it out. Please keep in mind that this is my personal review and experience. I was provided with a free product in order to do an honest review. I used the the NightSkin for quite a long time in order to do the review, with it being skincare I wanted to make sure my experience lasted long enough so that I could give an honest review.

NightSkin™ was formulated under the professional supervision of Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS. Dr. Perry is a board certified plastic surgeon, author, radio personality, and researcher. His NightSkin™ formula represents an accumulation of decades of studies and personal knowledge. It is the most innovative, practical, and effective formula that Dr. Perry has ever seen, and he believes it will reduce your desire for some dramatic procedures such as Botox and Restylane injections, and chemical skin peels.

When Dr. Perry’s team began brainstorming on the ultimate skin formula, they considered the factors that bother people the most about physical aging: wrinkles, age spots, and drying skin. To address these issues, they composed a formula that was made with only the ingredients that have been shown in real research to yield positive results:

Retinyl Propionate – A form of vitamin A. The natural enzymes in skin convert this to retinoic acid, which improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Glycolic Acid – A powerful and comfortable exfoliant. It sweeps away the dead layer of skin on the surface of the face, making your skin feel smooth and beautiful. It also supports the skin’s natural collagen synthesis and moisturizes the skin.

L-Ascorbic Acid – An antioxidant that assists your body in fighting free radical damage in the skin. This special form of vitamin C also supports the skin’s natural collagen production.

Licorice Extract – Contains glabridin, an herbal skin brightener. Along with NightSkin’s other key ingredients, glabridin decreases the appearance of brown pigmentation in the skin.

Unlike store-bought skin creams which feature small amounts of these ingredients (to make for a nice label), NightSkin™ gives you the adequate amounts that will provide noticeable results. Best of all, NightSkin™ goes on at night. This way, you’re free to wear your make-up during the day, and then you can fight the signs of aging while you’re sound asleep! Source:

So to test this out I first cleaned my face to make sure the nasty stuff from the day was cleared off. At night I used the Nightskin on the areas I wanted to target, which was my face, and gently massaged the product in until it was invisible.

I was really skeptical about the product and didn’t expect much of anything to happen overnight, but when I woke up I was quite excited to see if anything at all had happened. When I woke up, I did feel like my face was much more smoother and rich feeling that it has ever been. It just felt much healthier.

After using NightSkin for a good few months, I do notice that there is a change in how my skin looks. It looks healthier and doesn’t feel as dry as it used to. Winter is usually a bad time for my skin, it seemed like no matter what products I tried, my skin always felt really dry. So far with using the NightSkin, my skin has never felt dry. I also never experienced any breakouts with the NightSkin which is what I’m always afraid is going to happen with I use skincare, I have sensitive skin so it’s always hard to tell what will make me break out.


  1. dear ann soory to brust ur bubble   that itching feeling ur feeling is because you havnt taken a bath in months  try washing your u know what and the itching might go away dont try to blame it on the nite skin next caller lol

  2. when i start getting paid in full for my comments i;ll tell u what i know dude until then no money no honey no cash no gab dig it dude lol


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