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New WIC Program & Parent’s Choice Formula Giveaway

infantimageParent’s Choice has this nifty little formula savings calculator on their website and just for curiosity I checked it out to see money we really saved by making the decision to go with Parent’s Choice instead of name brand and the results were astonishing! If we would have gone with Enfamil (Gentlease because of our son’s problems) we would have spent about $25 a can. Since we went with Parent’s Choice Gentle Formula DHA & ARA , less than $15 a can, I know we saved about $10 per can. So from birth until my twins were 12 months old we saved $1126.48 per year ($563.24 per baby). That’s a savings nearly $100 per month! Awesome huh?!?!

Also, I know a lot of our readers here have heard of WIC, either from friends and family or from being on the program themselves, so I wanted to share some information on their new updated program.

Before, WIC encouraged mothers to nurse, but if you chose not too nurse you were provided formula. With the new WIC Program, mandated for all 50 states in the U.S., funding is being redistributed to provide more baby food, juices, fresh fruits and veggies to officially encourage mothers to nurse their babies with their own milk. Now, you can still choose to receive infant formula, but the new policy will be to distribute 13% less formula than before. So if mothers choose to go with formula feeding only, they will have to buy formula on their own.

When our twins were born I couldn’t breastfeed and I cringed at the thought of how much money we’d be spending on formula. I was always told to go with name brands but I then I read some Consumer Reports that stated that store brand formulas were recommended over name brand formulas because they are nutritionally comparable to the name brand formulas and much more affordable. With twins, we needed all the help we could get on saving money, so needless to say, I was very happy I came across these reports.

milk-based_newThe price difference between Parent’s Choice and the name brand formulas is tremendous and now that I knew the off brand (Parent’s Choice) was recommended and comparable to name brands (Enfamil, Similac, etc,) .. I knew this was the right option for me and my family and would save us a ton of money, which we needed for diapers and other necessities for the twins.

Looking back, I still know I made the right decision and our twins had no problems using the formula. We had a friend who was using Enfamil because she wanted to use name brand instead of an off brand formula. I thought that if she wanted to shell out the extra cash just to have name brand when the off brand was just as good for her child, she had that right. Now that her child and our twins are off the formula we still talk about the expense of formula and how much we saved, and she would have, by using Parent’s Choice.

The Giveaway

Winners contacted

2 lucky winners will receive samples bags of Parent’s Choice Formula!

To Enter:

You Must – Check out the Parent’s Choice formula savings calculator and see how much you will save by using Parent’s Choice instead of other formula brands. Leave a comment below telling us how much you’ll save! We love helping you save money!!

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  • Good Luck!


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