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New Products We Love For Upcoming Cold & Flu Season

When it comes to fall the one thing we don’t like is that it means it’s that time of year.. yes, it’s cold and flu season. There’s nothing worse than not feeling well so we’ve gathered a list of some new products that will help you beat and recover from those nasty cold and flu symptoms.

cold and flu season

#1 – Ease Nausea & Freshen Breath, Naturally – Ice Chips®

To soothe a queasy tummy naturally, ginger and peppermint are always a top choice in a mom’s arsenal of home remedies. When you or your family members are so nauseous even drinking tea will make them  grimace, Ice Chips® offers a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy in both Ginger and Peppermint flavors that may help! A tin will certainly help you to quell the queasies. Made with xylitol. Ice Chips® are available in 20 tantalizing flavors, such as Ginger, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Strawberry Daiquiri, and more!

cold and flu season

#2 – Soothe Itchy Throats – GoGargle!

GoGargle! is the new and improved version of what you might know as Grandma’s salt water home remedy for sore throats. For generations you have heard Grandmas (and doctors) recommend gargling with a glass of warm salt water to help relieve a sore throat. With soothing ingredients like honey, chamomile, aloe & mint, GoGargle! is a simple, surprisingly tasty way to soothe a sore throat. GoGargle! comes in the form of an effervescent tablet that you simply drop in a glass of warm water to dissolve. Not only are GoGargle! tablets simple to use and perfect for on-the-go, GoGargle! tablets dissolve quickly, so you can start gargling sooner! GoGargle! can be used by the whole family.

#3 – Relieve Headaches – Hawaiian Essential Headache Relief Spray

This all-natural spray possesses analgesic properties to reduce headaches. Made from a blend of 100% pure essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chamomile Roman, and Clary Sage in distilled water.

#4 – Promote Sleep and Relaxation – Hawaiian Essential Insomnia Relief Spray

A natural treatment to motivate deep sleep & relaxation this spray is perfect for those suffering from insomnia. A blend of pure essential oils of lavender, marjoram, chamomile, ylang ylang & sandalwood in distilled water.

#5 – Ease Stuffy Noses – Olbas Nasal Inhaler

Convenient, pocket-sized nasal inhaler. Natural Olbas vapors provide a pleasant, refreshing, and cooling sensation to your nasal passages which is especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters. Fast-acting, penetrating vapors provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs. As an aromatic inhalant, this completely natural essential oil formula delivers invigorating and soothing sensations to the nasal and bronchial areas. The essential oils in Olbas are extracted from the traditional medicinal plants of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajuput, Wintergreen, Juniper Berry and Clove.

# 6 – Keep Germs at Bay – PhoneSoap Polish

The PhoneSoap Polish is portable and great for tucking in a purse, backpack or tote bag to quickly sanitize a cell phone or tablet. It will kill the bacteria on your smartphone and tablet and make sure to get rid of germs you may have picked up along the way. It is the size of chapstick and you can stick it in your pocket to make sure your smartphone is always germ-free. PhoneSoap Polish is a premium, all-natural, antibacterial touch screen polish specially formulated to kill bacteria and help prevent fingerprints and smudges and smartphone and tablet touch screens. It is 100% non-toxic and chemical-free.


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