Style & BeautyNew Mom Beauty Tips From Expert Polly Blitzer!

New Mom Beauty Tips From Expert Polly Blitzer!

We know it’s difficult for new moms to cut down their beauty routine without compromising a great look. That said, Polly Blitzer, beauty industry expert and new mom of twins, has put together some tips and tricks for staying beautiful while acting as a full time mom.

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  • Switch to longer-lasting treatments and you’ll save yourself tons of money and time on beauty. Ask your colorist for soft balayage instead of full highlights. They grow out more gracefully and give you a couple extra weeks between appointments. Instead of weekly manicures, give bare nails a high-shine gloss with a nail buffing chamois. You can also swap a salon waxing or daily shaving with a razor for an at-home hair epilator tool like Philips Satin Perfect, which keeps skin smooth and stubble-free for up to four weeks.

  • Your tweezers are on probation until further notice! This season’s thick full brows are the arch rival of your pluckers. Keep your brows lush and tidy with a Philips Precision Perfect. The eyebrow comb evens out unruly hairs, so you look instantly polished.

Precision Perfect

  • During the whirlwind of prepping for a family getaway, I inevitably leave something out and have to get creative. You can MacGyver your way to glamour with body lotion (hair pros use it to thwart frizz), olive oil (adds sheen to lids, cheek bones and legs), a credit card (curls lashes, parts hair) and raspberries (the natural pigments stain lips and cheeks).
  • Want to stretch your hairstyle an extra four or five days? Shampoo only the hairline and keep the rest of your hair safe in a shower cap. The hairline shows grease more than anything else so you can salvage and extend your style, giving you the luxury of quicker showers. You can later blot away grease at the part with hand-sanitizing spray (alcohol evaporates it!).
  • Big sunglasses can hide a multitude of beauty woes, like sleep deprivation. If I have no time to primp before leaving the house, I smooth on a luminizing serum, throw on giant shades and swipe on tinted lip balm. I do a quick makeup application in the bathroom when I get to my destination.
  • Good news for moms everywhere: Your messy mom ‘do is perfectly on trend. The fall runways forecast intricate updos, from tousled knots and sleek buns. To turn your look from lazy to lovely in seconds, pull hair back into a messy bun and throw a chic pin below it. I call it Nape Candy!
  • Toddlers seem endlessly entertained by grabbing necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings, which translates to broken chains. Lately, I’ve been loving temporary tattoo earring studs, bracelets and necklaces. They never break or tangle – and at $2 each, they’re much kinder on the wallet than real bijoux.
  • Want to look wide awake when you’re running on empty? Hide dark circles with a swipe of a luminizing pen then camouflage puffiness with a sweep of matte bronzer on the lightest part of the puffiness. Beyonce’s makeup artist taught me this. It’s the best beauty contouring – the opposite principle of highlighting.
  • If there’s one word to describe life as a new mom, it’s clutter. I have twins and there’s just no space for my beauty arsenal anymore. I save time and counter space with products that multitask. My favorites: chubby color pencils. You can apply them without looking and add color to lips, eyes and cheeks that blend into skin with a finger. I call them my ‘sticks of beauty dynamite!’” I also use oil-absorbing sheets that can be used to set makeup, blot away shine, and revive greasy roots when I don’t have time wash my hair.
  • As a beauty and style expert, I have to look impeccably groomed on the regular. But as a new mom of twins, I have very little time to get it all done, so I keep a stash of key products (mini brush set, lip balm, witch hazel wipes and an all-in-one palette) in a plastic bag in my handbag to help me get ready on the go. The plastic bag makes everything easy to find and protects your bags from leaks and spills.

About PollyPolly Blitzer

Beauty Blitz founder Polly Blitzer has been a leading beauty industry expert for 15 years. She launched Beauty Blitz in 2008  and regularly appears on TV as a beauty and style expert and has been a spokesperson for a variety of companies on broadcast, direct-to-consumer, print, digital and social media platforms.

Polly also serves as a consultant to beauty companies, including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, LVMH, Coty, Johnson & Johnson, Elizabeth Arden, Beiersdorf, L’Oreal and private equity investment groups looking for insight on digital media, branding, acquisition and consumer spending patterns as well as competitive analyses across the retail landscape.

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