ReviewsNew From Plum Organics: Plum TOTS

New From Plum Organics: Plum TOTS

Plum Organics the leading frozen organic baby food brand in the nation, marks its first foray into the toddler category with the introduction of three delicious snacks: TOTs Mish Mash, TOTs Fruity Fingerfuls and TOTs Fiddlesticks.” –

Plum Organics TOTs line includes the following snacks: (available June 2009)

TOTs Mish Mash. This fruit snack encourages self-feeding with its squeezable packaging and kid-friendly re-sealable top. Its freezable pouch makes for both a cool treat during the summer or to keep the lunchbox cool in the fall. TOTs Mish Mash is available in banana, peach, and strawberry flavors and contains no added sugar, juice or colors. Available for a suggested retail price of $1.39 for a single-serving pouch.

TOTs Fruity Fingerfuls. This blend of freeze-dried fruit and whole grain cereal gives your tot a perfectly balanced handful-sized snack! Available in strawberry, banana and apple flavors, TOTs Fruity Fingerfuls are two snacks in one. Available for a suggested retail price of $3.39 for pouch of four servings.

TOTs Fiddlesticks. These gluten-free snack sticks feature the goodness of fruits and veggies baked right in to each grab-able piece. The unique formulation uses garbanzo bean flour and whole grains to make a complete protein for sustained energy; each piece quickly dissolves into soft bites for your tot. TOTs Fiddlesticks are available in berry, banana and apple carrot flavors. Available for a suggested retail price of $3.49 for a box of six servings.

Starting in June 2009, Plum TOTS will be available at Babies “R” Us locations nationwide.


The Reviews


The Sassy SouthernerPlum Organics Tot’s line is designed to help toddlers learn how to independently feed themselves. Their TOT’S line includes Mish Mash, which are little pouches of fruits that are pureed. They come in Peach, Banana, and Strawberry flavors. We got to try the peach and it honestly had the consistency of applesauce. Even though the girls are older, they absolutely loved it and wanted more. The pouches are resealable for on the go activities.  

Plum Organics is thriving to help parents find more organic food substitute for our children. Having a child with food allergies, I know we are always looking for more natural and organic foods that are safe for her. Granted, she’s not a little baby or a toddler any more but if I had known then, what I know now, I would have been feeding her natural and organic foods from the beginning. Continue…

Rockin’ Mama Once my son passed the one year mark, he started losing interest in baby food (which is completely normal, by the way). Then it became increasingly challenging to find healthy foods he would eat. We tried some “toddler” meals available at Whole Foods, none of which appealed to him. I am so excited to tell you about a new line from Plum Organics and I sincerely wish it was available months ago (it’s actually not even in stores yet!). Plum Organics Tots is the “first and only complete line of organic snacks for toddlers.” Toddlers are picky (as I’ve experienced first hand). I almost think it’s easier to feed a baby than a toddler because at least babies are open to new foods. The company will launch three new snacks: Mish Mash, Fruity Fingerfuls, and Fiddlesticks. All of the snacks are certified organic by the USDA and come in BPA-free packaging.

My son had an opportunity to try Banana Mish Mash, a fruit snack in a squeezable pouch. We both loved the fact that he could feed this to himself without making a mess. His desire for independence grows each day but he doesn’t always have the dexterity to completely feed himself so I like that the pouches are toddler-friendly. Mish Mash is 100% organic fruit without added sugar, juice, colors, or flavors. I tried a little while my son was playing with the package and it tastes like a pureed banana…plain and simple. My son liked it too (I know this because he practically finished it). Continue…


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