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4 Natural Ways to Improve Your Child’s Brain

Our children are the greatest asset that we have and improving their health is always of paramount importance. One common problem that parents have is treating children for certain conditions or diseases without causing long-term damage to their health. For example, nearly 7% of the American child population ages 7 – 13 are taking prescription drugs for ADHD, which are usually made of amphetamines!

Of course, no parent would consciously like to create health problems for their children in later life, but this is the unfortunate situation many find themselves in. Luckily, there are alternatives to Adderall and other medications that children can use in order to improve their brain performance. More importantly, even if they aren’t diagnosed with a condition or disease, using the natural options we will cover can make a huge difference.

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Here are the four natural ways that you can improve your child’s brain without spending lots of money on drugs that aren’t healthy:

#1: Fish Oil – Most parents do not realize that fish oil is one of the best things you can do to improve your child’s brain health. The human brain is made up primarily of DHA fats and fish oil has a healthy combination of DHA and EPA (also known as omega-3 fatty acids). When you give your child fish oil, it helps them to reduce inflammation and increases their cognitive abilities. Some studies show it is a useful tool for reducing inflammation and depression as well.

#2: Bacopa Monnieri – At first, this might sound a little bit odd, but it is actually one of the oldest and most revered types of plants in the world. Used in ancient Ayurvedic (Indian) cultures, bacopa monnieri is a fat soluble herb that helps to aid in memory formation and learning. It also helps to reduce anxiety, which is why so many children in India still take bacopa monnieri.

The biggest advantage of bacopa is that you can enhance your child’s cognitive abilities and it is a simple plant you can grow in your yard. If you don’t even want to feed them a supplement from a pill or powder, simply grow the plant in your own backyard!

#3: Ashwagandha – Yet another Indian Ayurvedic herb, this one is particularly useful for getting rid of anxiety and enhancing feelings of calm and relaxation. Given that many children are in strange environments (school) all the time, it is no wonder that parents are interested in finding a solution for them.

#4: Lion’s Mane Mushroom – If it sounds scary to hear “lion’s mane” in the name of this natural brain enhancer, don’t worry. It’s actually just a reference to the way this mushroom looks. Just as you would feed your children edible mushrooms, the lion’s mane mushroom is helpful for enhancing cognitive abilities and specifically memory formation.

Lion’s mane is considered an effective enhancer of nerve-growth factor (NGF), which can help to increase the memory and learning ability of the child. Despite the scary name, this is actually a great way to improve your child’s brain.


  1. i like you article and i am very conservative to take care of my daughter health, i always gives her healthy and nutrition food which help to strength her because she is my life.


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