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When to Move Your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed

The stage at which you move your toddler from a cot to a bed varies from one child to another. However, it’s normally time for your toddler to move to a bed, once they start to outgrow their cot. Below are some of the most effective ways to make this transition run as smoothly as possible.

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Don’t Make the Move a Sudden Event

Ideally, you should gradually introduce your toddler to the idea of sleeping in a bed. Place the cot and bed in the same room and let your child decide which one they prefer. Initially, he or she may not want to leave their cot. Eventually, the bed should become tempting and they will gradually start to spend more time in it. You could start by letting them rest for short periods in their new bed until they are accustomed to it and are more confident about sleeping all night in it.

Create Excitement About the Move

In other situations, it may be beneficial to take the opposite approach and make this move an exciting event for your child. You can do this in a number of ways. First of all, you can explain to your child that this is a special time in their life and they are not a baby anymore.

If you don’t have an appropriate bed for your child, include them in the buying process by taking them to the store you will be buying it from or showing them images in online catalogues from online bed suppliers like Big Brand Beds.

You can take the same approach when you’re buying other related items. Bedding and pyjamas are just some of the items you can make a big deal about buying for your child as they make this important change to their sleeping arrangement.

Choose the Right Bed for Your Child

When a child is accustomed to sleeping in a particular cot, the bed replacing it has to be something they feel comfortable sleeping in. If it isn’t, your child will be more hesitant about sleeping in it. Before you invest in a particular child’s bed, do some research and find out which type of bed will be the most appropriate for your toddler’s requirements.

Your child should be safe and feel safe during this process. In some instances, choosing a bed that’s not too far off the ground and that does not have any features that could cause injuries, will give your child more confidence and reduce any fears they have. It will also prevent any unnecessary falls that could occur when a child is not used to sleeping in a larger bed.

Moving a toddler from a cot to a bed is a big event in any young child’s life. This is why it’s important to put your child’s mind at ease when this is happening. Following the methods above are just some of the ways you can ensure that this transition takes place without fear and as smoothly as it possibly can.


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