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7 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Tight Budget

Whether it’s her birthday, it’s mother’s day, or you just want to make your mom feel extra special on a random day, you usually think of finding the perfect gift for her. There is a plethora of stuff you can get her, and there are tons of great mother’s day gift ideas that you can find online.

If you’ve found one that fits exactly right for her, then that’s great! However, there are times that you might find yourself in a bind if you want to get her something but are on a budget.

7 Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

This, of course, is totally understandable! But if you still want to find ways to give her a gift while on a tight budget, there are definitely other ways you can express your love and appreciation without spending too much. Read on and find inspiration from this list of mother’s day gift ideas:

1. Prepare Her Breakfast In Bed

Prepare Her Breakfast In Bed

There’s just something that makes breakfasts in bed so lovely and comforting. You can wake up a little early for her special day and prepare her favorite breakfast meal, make the plating look spectacular, and serve it to her the moment she wakes up.

If she usually wakes up very early to prepare the most important meal of the day for all of you, making this subtle (yet sweet) change is a heartwarming gift that can start her day beautifully.

You can switch this up a little by starting her day with a sleeping prank before serving her breakfast. This works well if your mom loves a good joke (or does pranks herself), and if you pull a harmless and fun prank, she can start her day with a smile on her face as she eats the well-prepared food!

2. Make a Short Video

Make a Short Video - mothers-day-gift-ideas

If you have a knack for filmography or video editing or if your mom loves watching films, you can shoot and put together a short film. Think of Katie Mitchell’s farewell video in the animated movie “The Mitchells vs. the Machines.”

Suppose you have yet to watch this film, no worries. Basically, just choose a kind of short film that you want to create and deliver a birthday message through this video. For example, you can create a parody of her favorite movie or get creative and do a short animation that retells a favorite memory.

If that’s too much work, you can also go for something heartwarming yet straightforward: create a message video! It’s kind of like writing a letter, but instead of using a card, you’re going to relay your message through a cute video. You can also gather other greetings from close relatives or your mom’s closest friends to make it more special.

3. Create a DIY Gift Box

DIY Gift Box - mothers-day-gift-ideas

There are a bunch of gift boxes that already come with different goods like mugs, lotions, perfumes, chocolates, and whatnot, but some can get a bit pricey. If you like the idea of giving her a gift box, you can make your own! You can save up on additional fees when all the buying you need is for the essential goodies that you’ll place inside the box.

Find a cute box, decorate it with some colored paper, or recycle used ones, cut them to make them look like decorative paper, and fill it up with some items that your mom would love. For example, if she’s a tea enthusiast.

You can find a tea pack that fits your budget and put it inside; if she loves chocolates, then find her favorite chocolates and put them in the box. The personalized content and the effort you put into making a simple yet thoughtful gift will make her feel loved.

4. Draw/Paint an Artwork

Draw/Paint an Artwork - mothers-day-gift-ideas

Flex your artistic skills and create beautiful artwork for your mom. It can be a portrait of her, of the two of you, your family, or anything that reminds you of her.

It doesn’t matter how big or small this is or whether you want to create a digital artwork or not – all that matters is that you put effort into it comes from your heart (cheesy, but it’s true). You can also add a little note if you want to.

5. Make Her A Cake

Make Her A Cake - mothers-day-gift-ideas

More often than not, special occasions like birthdays are associated with cakes, right? So instead of buying her one, you can put your heart into making your own cakes! You can choose a cake that you know she would enjoy and find the ingredients that fit your budget.

There are lots of simple cakes, like an easy chocolate cake to a no-bake cheesecake. Making and giving her this delectable treat can help make her special day memorable.

6. Knit Her Something

Knit Her Something - mothers-day-gift-ideas

This one takes a bit more work than most, but your mom would appreciate this all the more. Whether you already know how to knit or are just starting (if you’re willing to exert extra effort in learning), you can create a scarf, sweater, hat, or anything that you think she would love and use by knitting.

While some materials can be expensive, it really depends on you as you can also find inexpensive alternatives while still creating a good end product.

7. Create a Letter Booklet

Create a Letter Booklet - mothers-day-gift-ideas

Lastly, you can always go back to the basics and write a heartfelt letter. However, to add a bit of twist, instead of getting a card and writing only one letter, you can create a booklet filled with messages for her and decorate it with pictures or anything simple.

One way you can go with this is to think of a prompt or category that you want to write about. For example, you can write about the things that you appreciate most about her or write about the fond memories that you have together.

You can then dedicate your answer to this prompt on each page. This specialized gift is simple and inexpensive but is certainly memorable.

There you have it! If you’re struggling to find an inexpensive gift for your mother’s day gift ideas, hopefully, this list can help you make one or inspire you to come up with your own idea. And remember: don’t worry! As cliche as it sounds, your mom would appreciate whatever you decide to give her as long as it comes from the heart.


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