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MOOM Hair Removal Review

This review for MOOM Hair Remover was written by Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer Ilissa. Come check out Ilissa’s blog, Everything Up Close, for weekly giveaways and reviews.

MOOM® Review!

Today, there are generally two ways that people remove unwanted hair from their body (temporarily): Shaving and Waxing. Waxing is great because it removes hair for extended periods of time. However, waxing also causes painful removal, dry skin and the risk of being burned by the hot wax. MOOM has come out with an innovative product that is 100% natural, similar to the waxing procedure but does not use wax at all. MOOM uses the process of sugaring to remove unwanted hair. MOOMs products contain Sugar, Chamomile, Lemon Juice, Water, and Tea Tree Oil. All these ingredients aim to be beneficial, instead of harmful (as waxes can be) for young, sensitive skin.

MOOM promises the following:
-“Eliminates The Pain And Discomforts Of Waxing And Other Methods”
-“Completely Water Soluble”
-“More Than A Hair Remover – Removes impurities and dead skin cells from the skin surface. Chamomile and lemon in MOOM® act as natural antiseptics as well as skin enhancers. Tea tree oil is renowned in eliminating acne and blemishes. Skin feels softer and smoother with each use.”
-“Long Term Epilation”-“Cost Effective”“Environmentally Friendly”“MOOM’s® Unconditional Guarantee”

Thanks to Mom Fuse, I had the opportunity to try out MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender (SPA Formula). Because this product has lavender, it is supposed to be especially good for extra-sensitive skin. This kit contained: 6 oz. of the MOOM® SPA sugaring blend, 18 reusable fabric strips (small strips and large strips), 4 wooden applicators and an instruction booklet.”

After reading through the instruction booklet that comes with each MOOM package, I was ready to try this product. I was excited that it was all-natural and was looking forward to trying sugaring for the very first time. I have tried at-home waxing in the past with less than favorable results so I was hoping MOOM would be different.

When I heat up MOOM for the first time, I noticed that it was extremely easy to overheat in the microwave. For future uses, I would probably warm it in a bowl of hot water to decrease this likelihood. After the MOOM cooled down a bit, I was able to start using it. I really liked that the MOOM was easy to apply. I was looking forward to seeing if this product would do what it said and eliminate the pain of waxing. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with this aspect. Personally, I thought that using MOOM was just as painful as using wax is. However, as I continued to sugar the rest of my leg, the pain did decrease. It might have been because I got used to it quickly.

As I used the MOOM, I noticed that it did a much better job of removing hair than traditional waxing had done for me in the past. Even though it did not remove all the hair, it did remove about 99.99% of it. I was told by the company that often the hair that is not removed is hair that is not fully grown in yet and therefore, is too short to be removed.

One thing I especially love about this product is the fact that they offer strips that are completely reusable. With using sugar instead of wax, these strips are extremely easy to clean, and then save for future sugaring sessions. I love that MOOM helps reduce waste! Unfortunately, I found that there were too few strips provided with the starter package. Even though there are 18 strips in total, because there are both small strips and large strips, it limits the number of large ones that can be used for larger areas such as the leg. When using the large strips, I was only able to complete one leg (only the lower portion of the leg) during one session. This mean that I had to rewash the strips, dry them and then sugar the other leg some other time. I found that this was a bit inconvenient but not a complete hassle. You could easily throw the strips in the dryer and reuse within less than an hour.

In conclusion, I would use MOOM again. Even though there were a couple negatives, I feel that the benefits definitely outweigh them. I think that this is an excellent alternative for anyone who is looking for a natural solution to hair removal.

To find out more about the various products that MOOM sells, please visit here.

-Ilissa @ Everything Up Close

Everything Up Close

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse



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