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Mont Tremblant for Kids: Where Snow and Fun Meet Smiles and Giggles

Mont-Tremblant is a go-to destination for extreme skiers and couples, but it’s also a family-friendly spot. If you’re headed that way with little ones in tow, here are a few activities and locales to know.


Parks and Recreation


Mont-Tremblant is a playground for adults, but little kids need to release energy too. Two safe and scenic parks reside in the resort area. One is located between the Creperie and Country Inn. Since the park is in the middle of the village, it may get crowded, so if you can also go behind the L’Ernitage sur Lac.


Arts and Crafts


The Studio Creatif offers a number of arts and crafts activities for kids and parents. Kids can pick a ceramic animal and paint it however they like and then take it with them. It’s a great way to kill time indoors or to allow your child to get creative. The studio is located at the base of the mountain.


Bungee and Swings


At the bottom of the hill, you’ll find the bungee swings, a huge hit with young children. Kids between 30 and 160 pounds can take advantage of the fun. Adjacent to the swings is the climbing wall, which is not incredibly high but perfect for small children who want to emulate the area’s mountain climbers.


Single and Double Seaters


Cycling is a great sport for all ages, and it’s a good idea to start young. Mont-Tremblant has bikes for kids of all ages and trails for all skill levels. For parents taking really young kids, double seaters are available. Alternatively, rent an attachment so you can pull kids through the trails. It’s all just a short distance away from mountain vacation rentals.


Beaks and Wings


Bring your kids to the Birds of Prey show. There are varying showtimes, so get your tickets at the boxoffice on the top of the mountain. Kids love the variety of birds that get up and personal. Depending on the nature of the show, one of the guides may have one settle right beside your little one.


Dogs and Sleds


Depending on how comfortable your child is around dogs and how willing they are to go along for the ride, you can sled along with them or have them go with one of the dog sled tour guides.


Pool and Gym


The Aquaclub La Source has an outdoor pool for the summer season, but that’s not your only option. The pool inside is replete with a jungle gym. Depending on your chosen lodging, you may have free or discounted access to the Aquaclub.


Skis and Boards


Of course, you can’t take a winter trip to Mont Tremblant without noticing the scores of skiers and snowboarders. Any pro will tell you that there is no exact age when your child can start either one. There are plenty of skilled and friendly instructors who are ready to teach your child what can turn into a lifelong hobby or more! Kids will learn about the mountain, how to maintain equipment, and how to stay safe on the mountain.


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