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Moms Who Drive: Finding the Perfect Car to Make Busy Days Better

A mom’s life is hardly a quiet one, with endless things to do and look out for when it comes to a growing family, so you need a car that fits all of your needs.

Your ideal car probably needs a lot of boxes ticking, from safety and comfort as well as space, to affordability and overall running costs.

Type of vehicle

When you are in the market for another car, it is best to find the kind of car that matches your lifestyle and the intended use. If you are looking to get a Dodge Dart for example, you need to weigh that choice up against other cars in the market that are in the same category and offer similar features.

Station wagons might evoke memories of a yesteryear but the models that were around in the 70’s and 80’s don’t really bear much resemblance to the modern equivalent of the station wagon.

What you get with a station wagon these days is a car that won’t have the space of some larger vehicles and most have about the same room in the back as a sedan, but you will probably notice better gas mileage, so consider one if mileage costs are important and you like the idea of easier loading of cargo.


There is no doubt that SUV’s have a much more positive image in the public eye compared to a station wagon.

The sort of SUV you find in today’s showroom will often offer a smoother ride and a range of luxury features, plus it will often be able to accommodate a family of five plus cargo with ease.

SUV’s are popular with families although most of these models off-road features are a good part of the price tag but not everyone is going to put their vehicle through anything that will test their capabilities.

A good feature that some mom’s particularly like is the height of the ride, which means that you get good all round vision for negotiating the traffic ahead of you.


Car designs are almost constantly evolving and it can get a bit confusing when trying to decide which features you value the most and which type of vehicle to choose.

This is probably why manufacturers offer models which are called crossovers.

More stylish than a minivan and built on a car chassis, they might look like an SUV but they don’t always drive like one.

You decide

The best thing to do is often to take the time to look at various models and designs and decide which one best suits your family’s particular needs.

If you are an outdoor family and like to head for the hills for adventure, then an SUV might be a good choice, but if you do loads of urban driving with school runs and all the other short trips that rack up the miles, you might be better suited to a crossover.

Safety, reliability and practicality are three important considerations as well as running costs and the purchase price itself, based on your available budget.

Finding the perfect car is not always easy, but it is definitely worth trying to get the right one, so you can enjoy your driving and transport the family in comfort and safety.

Judy Perkins has always had a passion for writing in one form or another. Now she’s a stay at home Mom she blogs for a variety of parenting sites sharing her tips and experiences.




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