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Mom’s Moves: 5 Indescribably Good Ways to Impress Your Family

It seems like since I’ve become a mom I’m much more competitive with others when the children aren’t around. By that, I mean I’m trying harder to be supermom and trying to do everything just right so that every is happy and everything is perfect! Do you find yourself doing that too or am I just crazy?

Here are my 5 ways I could indescribably impress my family:

1.) Cook an elaborate and delicious dinner without burning anything! This would be totally unexpected for me and our family loves to get together and eat a yummy home made meal. But this is something that I have the hardest time doing because I always burn something, it never fails! I guess I have a hard time multi-tasking when it comes to cooking!

2.) Show up to an event or get together in a dress! Let’s just say I don’t like to wear dresses. I never find one that fits me right and I hate to shop, so I usually just go in a nice pair of casual dress pants or khakis. My family would be shocked to see me in a dress, I’ve only worn two in my teen/adult life and that was for my senior prom and my wedding!

3.)Spend the day shopping. Yes, this is another one that would stun them. I don’t like to shop, I hate trying on clothes and I hate walking the mall for hours upon hours window shopping and looking for something. I go shopping for clothes maybe 2 times a year and it doesn’t take me long because I like to get in and out as soon as I can. If I were to go on an all day shopping trip my family would think something was wrong!

4.) Drive in the city. I know, big deal right? To me this is a huge deal! I like driving in my small town and I don’t like driving in the city. This is another one that would definitely impress my family because they know how much I don’t like to drive in the city. I did it once and vowed I’d never do it again, so now my wonderful love husband does so and if not I’d probably pay for cab or something!

5.) Bring something to a carry in or get together besides cookies or some sort of dip mix! This one may be closer than I think because I’ve been checking out some of the recipes on the Oreo site and I found a great looking oreo dessert that looks very fancy and if I were to bring something like this instead of my usual than they would be shocked!

Ok so there are mine. I know they’re lame but hey.. it’s me. LOL. So what are some ways you could impress your family?

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