Chit ChatMomPrenuersMomprenuer Interview: Trish Babb and Sharon Martin from Chalk Talk Glass

Momprenuer Interview: Trish Babb and Sharon Martin from Chalk Talk Glass

Mompreneur Name: Trish Babb and Sharon Martin
Company: Chalk Talk Glass

Please tell us about Chalk Talk Glass.

With Chalk Talk Glasses you don’t need wine charms to keep glasses from getting mixed up – guests simply write their name on their glass with chalk. At the end of the party simply wipe off the chalk, wash the glasses (top rack in your dishwasher or by hand) and you’re ready for the next party!

What did you do before Chalk Talk Glass was created?

Trish: Professionally; I’m in consumer marketing and have my MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School
of International Management. I’ve worked on some really great brands over the years including Pepsi, Visa, Coors, Sam Adams, Viacord and most recently the USPS. I fit Chalk Talk Glass in during my spare time on nights and weekends.

Sharon: Professionally, I am a high school math teacher. I went to Villanova undergrad and have my MTA from Tufts University. Teaching high school kids keeps me on my toes and more in touch with my own children.

What has been some of your greatest successes?

We both feel really proud about building this company. We’ve learned so much throughout this process – everything from kilning glass with paint to web design. Our biggest thrill was about a week after we opened for business and we got our very first web order from someone we didn’t know or have any connection to. When it came in we both sighed with relieve and said, ok, we can do this.

What has been some of your greatest challenges?

We’ve had to say no to a few opportunities because of inventory issues. Until just this past week our products have been hand painted individually so it took a really long time to build up our inventory levels for big sales. That is all changing now that we have brought on a partner to help automate the process.

How do you manage your daily schedule of being a MomPrenuer and a mom?

We have different challenges – Trish’s kids are still very little and need a lot of mom time. She has become an expert in writing website content will watching Mickey Mouse and finger painting. Sharon’s kids are older so we use them whenever we can to help with social media efforts and packaging orders for shipping. Of course, like all moms we never have enough time for everyone but as long as we don’t get too stressed we can usually laugh about how crazy things are.

For moms, “Me time” is hard to come by.. what do you do during your “Me time”?

I think we both wish we had more time together to just hang out as sisters and not moms, business partners, wives, etc. While we only live 45 mins apart it’s still hard to carve out time to do that so we often have a glass of wine together over the phone! It sounds crazy but it really helps us stay connected.

What’s next for Chalk Talk Glass? Any big plans for 2011 or 2012? Any chance we could get some “sneak peek” info or images?

Everything is new for Chalk Talk Glass since we’ve only been in business for 6months. We’re both really excited about the opportunities that our new automated process will open up. We are planning on running a big “group buying” promotion later this month and we just launched a new design “Girl Talk” to add to our collection.
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