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Mom Fuse Loves Mom’s Best!


“Mom’s Best is family owned. The brand name honors the founder’s wife and all mothers who teach their families about the importance of good food, as well as the value of stewardship. The company strives to make choiced that benefit families, enhance communities and sustain the environment. Mom’s Best focuses on the needs of families by keeping costs low as possible while offering high-quality, natural cereals with no artificial color or flavors, no artificial preservatives, no hydrogenated oils and no high fructose corn syrup.” –

The Reviews

Mommy Mandy – Not only do Mom’s Best Naturals have a suggested retail price 20-50 percent less than similar varieties of natural and organic cereals, they’re priced to offer the same value everyday as competitive mainstream cereals.

We were lucky to try out a few boxes of this tasty cereal. Of course our favorite is the Toasted Cinnamon Squares. These are TASTY! Both of the girls love it, and I love the fact that it is only 170 calories With milk!

Mom of 2 Dancers – When the cereal arrived, I quickly opened it up to see just how good this all natural cereal was. I tried the Oats & Honey Blend first. It was SO good, I decided this box was just for me. My 7 year old did end up prying a bowl from me, but that is it. I snacked on this cereal instead of eating chips, cookies, etc. Super yummy, I have to locate a store that sells it so I can buy more! My 7 year old liked as well. I had to hide the box, lol.

1StopMom – While eating cereal my kids like to read the boxes. Mom’s Best Natural offers tips for how to help the environment on the back of their boxes. My favorite tip is using the microwave to reheat leftovers. I always forget about that one. Mom’s Best doesn’t just give tips on how to make a difference, they are committed to helping the environment. They purchase 100% of the electricity used to produce their cereals from Windsource. Windsource uses turbines to offer alternative energy to businesses.

toasted-cinnamon-squaresDore’s Diaries – Everyone in the house tried the 2 cereals Mom’s Best Naturals sent and loved them just as much as I do. The Toasted Cinnamon Squares were soooo yummy. It tasted just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but I enjoyed it so much more knowing it was actually good for me and didn’t have anything that wasn’t natural in it.

Brayden is a huge fan of the Oats and Honey Blend. He takes a bite and then smacks his lips and says, “mmm, yum yum, mmm”. It’s the cutest thing and I wish I had it on video to show ya’ll!

MiscellaneousFinds4U  – The Oats and Honey Blend compares to Post Honey Bunches of Oats or Post Honey Bunches of Oats Organic in taste but not price – the Mom’s Best Naturals is less per ounce than the Post brands. Averaging 14-19 cents an ounce, the Post non-organic runs 18 cents and the Organic version 30 cents.1

I also received a box of Mom’s Best Naturals Raisin Bran. Unfortunately, I hate (too strong a word?) Nope, I hate bran flakes and raisins. There’s just nothing I could do to make myself try it. But, I needed to know if it was good, so I made my son eat it. Don’t worry, he’s 23; it wasn’t too hard to convince him. He loved it. Said it was as good as Kellogg’s Raisin Bran®. Like the other flavor, the Mom’s Naturals Best is less expensive than its competitors.

Sheltered Not Shattered – The ultimate test was whether the boys would like it. Now, we don’t eat a lot of sugary cereal so I wasn’t worried about that but they sometimes don’t want to try new things. The next morning I asked if they liked their cereal and they both said yes and asked to have the same kind the next day. Hubby told me he liked it also and asked where it the new cereal came from. We all also enjoyed the Raisin Brand but the Oats & Honey was our favorite.

Ok, so they passed the taste test but how exspensive are they? That’s a question I always ask, especially in these days when Hubby’s job is questionable. The good news is that they are affordable. Compared to the leading brands you get more cereal for you dollar. If that sounds good to you then go to Mom’s Best and get your printable coupon for a dollar off your very own box.

A Nut in a Nutshell – The first cereal I tried was Toasted Cinnamon Squares which is comparable to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In fact when my son was home, he tried it and couldn’t tell the difference at all. I loved the crunchiness and the cinnamon flavor and although it was a sweeter tasting cereal than I normally choose to eat, I found the flavor very nice and my son absolutely loved it.

Next I tried the Oats & Honey Blend cereal. It reminds me of Frosted Flakes a little bit but not quite as sweet. It’s flavorful and crunchy. My hubby found it in the pantry later and tried it too; he even asked me where I got it, because he liked it so well.

Life Starring Ellie and Eve – Ellie and I started with the Cinnamon squares, and they lasted about 2 days. Seriously, they are really good. Ellie and I have each had a bowl for breakfast, and both Ellie and Eve like to snack on them dry. And given the fact that they are made with healthy products, instead of corn syrup and highly processed junk, I think it is ok for them to chow down. The second box we tested out was the Oats & Honey Blend, this kind is good tasting too, and is just as healthy. It is made with real whole grain oats and wheat and is naturally low-fat…you can’t beat that. Ellie, Eve and I are well on our way through this last box, and I am going to be sad to see if gone…a true first for me.

honey-grahamsShe Scribes – I had both Oats & Honey and Honey Grahams. They WERE two huge boxes too. My personal favorite is the Oats & Honey. It tasted SO GOOD with a sliced banana. It was very filling too.

My kids LOVED the Honey Grahams. Personally I found them too sweet, but for kids, it’s perfect. The moment they got home from school and tasted them they both wanted to have a bowl as a snack to tide them over before dinner. Later on that night both of my kids opted to have the Honey Grahams as a dessert/snack. I had no problem with that, after all it’s cereal.

The Mommy Files – Mom’s Best Naturals also makes other varieties of cereal, including Honey Nut Toasty O’s, Sweetened Wheat-fuls, Toasted Wheat-fuls, Mallow Oats, Honey-ful Wheat, Honey Grahams, Toasted Cinnamon Squares, Old Fashioned Oats, Quick Oats, and Instant Oatmeal.

You can also visit their website and enter your information to receive a  .75 coupon in the mail.

Mama Sparkles – I was sent two boxes – one was the Toasted Cinnamon Squares and the other was the Oats & Honey Blend. Mom’s Best Naturals is possibly the best tasting cereal I’ve ever tried. It had a touch of sweetness, but without the artificial sugary taste that you get with other cereals. These ones are made with real honey, after all. I felt really good after eating this, knowing that I had just had a healthy breakfast with all real ingredients. My almost two year old son loves these cereals too – he even begs for the box to snack on it during the day!

Mom’s Best Naturals cereals are available at Wal-Mart and other major retailers. Click here for a store locator.

The Clan McLeod – I love to eat cereal and the healthier, the better. Mom’s Best Naturals hit the spot! When two boxes, Oats & Honey Blend and Honey Grahams arrived at my door, I tore them both open and had a small bowl of each right away. I was not disappointed! The Honey Grahams were every bit as good as the leading brand cereal and I was thrilled to read that they were all natural. I also really loved the Oats & Honey Blend. It has just the right sweetness and crunch to it. It’s a huge hit with Preacherman! I can’t wait until Mom’s Best Naturals start being sold in stores in my area. I would LOVE to try their Mallow Oats to compare with my favorite cereal of all time!

oats-honey-blendGrammy Janet’s Place – I loved the taste of both of Mom Best Naturals Cereals, Oats & Honey Blend and Toasted Cinnamon Squares. They were both delicious! I did not need to add any sugar. Toasted Cinnamon Squares is the sweetest of the two. Both types of cereal did not get soggy when I added milk! They stayed nice and crispy and crunchy! I love that I could see the whole grain rolled oats in my bowl of Oats & Honey Blend. For me the Toasted Cinnamon Squares are perfect for late daytime or evening snacking because I love cinnamon and they will help with sweet cravings. I will have to purchase another box of the Toasted Cinnamon Squares soon because my son loved them and he ate a big bowl!


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