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Mom Fuse Loves Kicky Pants

spring-footieswithpaws-boystripe_1335_generalI was sent one of the green striped short sleeved t-shirts from Kicky Pants to check out and review.. I have to say, these are not only adorable, but probably the softness thing I have ever felt. The shirt is actually from their Bamboo clothing line, and at first I wondered how in the world Bamboo can be made in to something this soft, because I’ve just never felt anything like this.

As soon as I took the shirt out of the package I was in love with the softness and the cool natural colors. With the shirt being so smooth and soft, I knew this would be perfect for my son because he has bad eczema. From the day he was born we’ve had trouble with his dry skin, watching what foods he eats, carefully choosing detergent, the list goes on and on. One of the main problems we have is making sure we get clothes that won’t make him itch or irritate his skin.. so far this has been a pain in the butt. You can tell when his dry skin is bothering him because he does what we call his little itching dance where he moves is shoulders up and down and kinda goes back and forth to scratch his back. If you have eczema or have a child with it, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Anyways, tonight after I gave our son a bath I put on his new ultra-soft bamboo shirt to see how it would go. This is probably the first night in a while that a piece of clothing hasn’t bothered him. It was funny to watch him because you could just tell he couldn’t get over how soft it was either… he just kept playing with the shirt and would rub his little hands up and down his belly.. it was cute. I watched him for quite a while, while him and his sister were playing, and he never once did his little itching dance.

I am just a huge fan of the Kicky Pants brand so far.. from what I’ve seen it’s probably one of the best clothing brands out their for children and I will definitely be purchasing more for my twins. My husband is even a fan and was quite impressed with the softness of the shirt, so this is definitely worth checking out!

Kicky Pants offers dresses, onesies, PJ’s, blankets, maternity clothes, tees, polos, pants and more. Stock up on these items mommas.. in my opinion this is a great find!

A little about Kicky Pants:

Kicky Pants was created by Erin, a mother of two, who was on bedrest with her second child and decided to do something with her time to help benefit their whole family… so Kicky Pants was started. Most of Kicky Pants items are made from bamboo, an eco-friendly, ultra-plush material that is very soft against babies skin.

Kicky Pants have even caught the eye of celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie. I can definitely see why.. their clothes are high quality, eco-friendly and extremly adorable.


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