ReviewsMiss Oops! Review

Miss Oops! Review

Cheryl from The Daily Blonde, recently had the chance to try out some fun products from Miss Oops! Here’s what she had to say…

Miss Oops To The Rescue


When I received a box full of Miss Oops products last week, I was thrilled to be able to review products I could really use! Miss Oops has so many “beauty-saving, problem-solving” products to choose from…and they all REALLY work.
From the Boob Tube (yes!) to Mishap Tape, there is a product for every disaster…or a product to prevent a potential disaster!

mosThe first product I tried was the Rescue Sponge. I wear black clothing a LOT and I’m sorry, there isn’t a deodorant on the market that doesn’t leave behind annoying white marks that are SO hard to get off. Especially if you didn’t notice them before you left the house! Small enough to carry in your purse, the Rescue Sponge does not need water to work! Just rub it on the pesky deodorant marks and *poof*…they are gone. It works!!


I am a huge fan of getting a pedicure as often as possible…not just in the summer. However, when the schedule doesn’t allow for the indulgence, it is good to know there is a product that can help your feet look their best. Another great product from Miss Oops, Pedicure in a Bottle is phenomenal! It exfoliates and hydrates your tootsies so well that you might be able to go a little longer between pedicures. It is non-greasy and smells great! Perfect at the end of a long day to perk up your feet and just as great right after your morning shower to get your feet in great shape for the day ahead. The combination of peppermint, menthol and lavender, along with shea butter, is heavenly. It’s like a spa in a tube. A must have!

mobWhen I saw the product named “Boob Tube” I couldn’t help but smile. I can think of so many people I see out in public who could use this. I am a huge fan of being a woman and love my cleavage, but there are some women who could use a little coaching in that area. Less is more in a professional environment. That doesn’t mean button your shirt up to the top…that means just not letting it “all” hang out. Enter Boob Tube. It helps you wear that plunging neckline and look respectable in the office. The best part? It’s made of stretchable lace in three colors and it gives you coverage without bulk. Another fabulous product that should be in the closets of so many women!

There are so many other Miss Oops products that you will want to stock up on. There are products for Moms To Be (why didn’t I have a “Popper Stopper” to cover MY belly button when I was pregnant years ago??) and products that will become your lifesaver, like Mishap Tape! (I’m carrying this great product in my bag for a fast fix when a hem comes undone or a bra strap won’t stay in place!).

Head over to the Miss Oops site and not only will you find really USEFUL products, you will find them packaged so attractively that you will want to give them as gifts! Affordable solutions to every day fashion glitches await you at Miss Oops!

Cheryl @ The Daily Blonde

About Miss Oops

Miss Oops, a division of Advanced Materials Group, Inc, manufactures and markets a variety of beauty-saving, problem-solving products for women. The Miss Oops brand comprises of several patent-pending products, including a dry sponge that removes deodorant marks, a medical-grade adhesive that prevents pregnant women’s navels from showing through their garments, and another type of medical-grade adhesive used in disposable underwear. The mission of Miss Oops is to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere.


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