Health & Fitness10 Reasons You Should Have the Best Microwave Heating Pad

10 Reasons You Should Have the Best Microwave Heating Pad

10 Featured of Microwave Heating Pad

Everyone has utilized a heating pad at some point in their life for pain relief. They come in different forms with the same concept of heat therapy that has been in use for years. The heat therapy is known as alternative medicine along with acupuncture, chiropractic practices, and energy healing. There are different electric and microwave heating pad on the market but here is why you would need the microwavable Himalayan Salt Heating pad.

1.  Easy to Use

Unlike other electric heat pads where the wires get tangled, the Himalayan salt heating pad is wireless and microwavable. In just two steps, you are set to use the heat pad without any hassle to worry about keeping the right temperature and complicated warming setups. After only 1 minute of warming in the microwave oven, the pad is ready to use on the body.

2.  Ideal Treatment Time

One can use the heating pad ideally for almost 30-minutes after only warming it for 1 min according to the microwave wattage. Usually, heat pads filled with wheat or marbles stay heated for 10 to 15 min. However, salt crystals can hold any hot or temperatures evenly for longer periods.

3.  Microwavable

The cordless heating pad is more convenient and flexible as it can be heated anywhere at the office or home. Due to its flexibility, it can be wrapped around the neck or shoulder to relieve pain. The cotton material is efficient for microwave heating pad as it allows electromagnetic radiations to reach the salt crystals and get warm faster.

4.  Eco-friendly (Washable & Reusable)

The reusable heat wrap is eco-friendly as it is filled with 100% natural salt crystals and can last for a long time. The cover is washable which makes it comfortable to use and avoid any stains or smell of body sweat. The product package is safe and is recyclable. It also comes in a carryable bag, which makes it easy to carry the bag around.

5.  Safe and Effective

The heat wrap with its healing properties is safe to wear and has a practical therapeutic impact on the injured body. The microwave heating pad does not require electricity, but one has to be careful while using it in the microwave. It is made of 100% cotton which is environmentally friendly, unlike the disposable packs and prevents burns of any other heat-related injuries. The material inside the pad is Himalayan salt that is the purest form of salt in the world and considered non-toxic. The product package is

6.  Targeted Use

With its multipurpose use for hot and cold therapy, the pack can be applied directly to an injured muscle or inflamed body area. Targeted pain relief for many health conditions such as abdominal pain and lower back pain during early pregnancy, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, arthritis, inflammation, back pain, cramps, and stiff and aching joints. For fresh wounds, cold therapy is recommended as it stops the muscle to get worst and freeze the cells that send a signal to the brain about the hurt. However, on the other hand, heat therapy is required for soothing an aching, stiff muscle in case of muscle cramp, strains, and sprains.

7.  Moist heat

Is preferred over dry heat as it penetrates radiation deeper into the skin. The moist heat can get the muscle temperature change rapidly than dry heat at the same temperature. It is known to cure symptoms of stiff muscles, spasms, chronic arthritis and back or neck related conditions. Unlike other electric hot pads that give dry warmth and make skin dry and dehydrated. The moist heat of salt heals the injured tissues more in-depth in the skin and recover other skin related conditions.

8.  Portability

It can easily be carried in your handbag or luggage on the plane without dealing with any electronic issues. One can warm up the pad and use it while driving to their workplace. You don’t have to deal with tangled wires, bound to sit in one spot and worry about electric shocks while sleeping on it.

9.  Affordable

The electric heat wraps usually are more expensive than microwavable heating pads. However, a heat pack filled with Salt crystals that already has so many health benefits is worth the try. It is inexpensive and widely available.

10.  Flexible to Use

They are soft and flexible and can be wrapped around the injured or hurting area of the body such as back, shoulders, neck, and knee. It has the soft feel along with the added weight of salt crystals that work for a massage too. The multi-purpose two sizes conform to any body part and give comfort.


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