Health & FitnessMental Exercises that Can Help You Sleep Better

Mental Exercises that Can Help You Sleep Better

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately, most people take it for granted. You may not notice it immediately, but poor sleep patterns eventually take a toll on your well-being and affect your overall performance.

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The average number of hours for a good night’s sleep is 8. According to experts at Supplement Reviews UK, “Having sufficient sleep time keeps you healthy and strong enough to power through the day.”

If you or anyone you know is experiencing difficulty sleeping, try out these mental exercises to help relieve discomfort and get a good night’s rest.

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1.  Mental Relaxation

Most people experience difficulty sleeping because they have a lot on their mind. From personal issues to work expectations, family situations to financial pressures, it’s easy to see why napping can seem like a chore. Sleep is controlled by the involuntary areas of the brain in the hypothalamus. However, when you burden yourself with anxiety and worry, it’s almost impossible to turn this area completely off.

First, learn to free yourself from the numerous thoughts clouding your mind by practicing mental relaxation techniques. Write your thoughts down early in the day so it doesn’t come up by bedtime. Also write your solutions for solving problems. You can also use recorded audios specifically designed to help the mind relax.

2.  Deep Breathing Exercises

You can find tranquillity and calmness in breathing exercises. You may want to check with your primary physician that your airways are problem-free. Breathing obstructions often contribute to poor sleep.

Two major components of deep breathing exercise are:

  •  Breathing with your abdomen instead of the chest
  •  Breathing at a slow and controlled rate

Practice these techniques when you lie on your bed at night before you sleep. The advantages include:

  •  Muscle relaxation
  •  Slowing down of heart rate
  •  Slowing down of breathing caused by anxiety
  •  Removes your mind from unpleasant thoughts

3.  Mindfulness Exercises

In recent times, mindfulness has become associated with many professional mental health techniques. It’s also a good self-help practice that you can do on your own. The practice is regarded as a reliable way to handle stress, depression, anxiety, and an overactive mind.

Mindfulness is based on the principle of becoming aware of your current situations, accepting things as they are and detaching yourself from associated negative thoughts. While the practice does have Buddhist origins, the good thing is it works well without attaching any spiritual meaning to it. Incorporate mindfulness into your mental exercises and your sleep patterns will improve.

4.  See a Sleep Expert for CBT

If you’ve performed these exercises and still struggle with sleep, consult your local physician who’ll refer you to an expert in sleep therapy. You’ll most likely be taken through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) steps. It’s the number one recommended treatment for insomnia among most professionals.

Sleep treatments may vary according to the health expert in charge, but what’s most important is your willingness to let go of worrisome thoughts.

Additional activities that will ease your sleep include a comfortable bed, avoiding screen time right before bed, and creating a rigid bedtime routine. Follow these steps and you’ll be getting a good night’s sleep before you know it.



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