ReviewsMeditating Children CD from Energetic Solutions

Meditating Children CD from Energetic Solutions


About Energetic Solutions

Energetic Solutions, Inc. was formed by Sheevaun Moran to help create a difference in the lives and health of individuals, families, and businesses. Through her intent and many years of corporate involvement she wanted to create opportunities for businesses and corporate departments to flourish through developing a healthy, positive environment. We look for green products now more than ever and the work space can have many attitudes and energies which can make for sticky situations. Sheevaun has many tools to help make those situations into a forward moving positive flowing team, organization, or department.

Meditating Children CD Info: This CD is designed for kids who are interested in our journeys. It is as a result of moms who have had success with our CD series. This CD is about breath and allowing children to get into a habit of not holding on to issues that arise during the day. Best used in a seated position. Buy Now for only $9.95




She Scribes: Over all I would say the Meditating Children CD did have a positive impact on my children. As per both my children listening to the CD at night when they were in bed helped them to relax and unwind better before drifting off to sleep. As far as listening to the CD prior to doing homework it seemed to benefit our son more so then our daughter. I guess it would depend on the individual child and their personalities. Read More

The Mommy Files: As parents, we often think we are the only ones who are tired or worn out at the end of the day. Believe it or not, children often go through something similar, just at a different level. Thanks to Mom Fuse, I had the opportunity to review the “Meditating Children” CD With the “Meditating Children’s” CD, your child will learn how to relax through breathing and let go of the issues that may be affecting him or her at the end of the day. Read More

1StopMom: I was not sure what to expect but I was ready. I got all the kids together and popped in the cd. For once our house was completely quiet, lol. The voice that came through the speakers was very soft and calm. She started with explaining how to breathe. I thought it may be a little hard to focus but it was not. It is not just listening to someone talk but you are also doing something with your hands. The cd is not very long, it is only about 15 minutes long. All of my kids liked listening to the cd. I asked them how did they feel and all four of them did feel more relaxed than before we started the cd. I was even able to relax a little. Read More

Mom of 2 DancersThis CD is about breath and allowing children to get into a habit of not holding on to issues that arise during the day. Best used in a seated position.

This cd is only about 15 – 16 minutes long. You mainly listen to a nice, quite, soothing voice. I tried the cd with both my daughters (age 7 & 11). I found it was great during home work time and also at bedtime.
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If your child struggles with sitting down for homework, gets too hyper or struggles with sleep time, I really think you will enjoy this cd. It is only $9.95 or you can instant download it for only $3.50. Read More


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