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On the Market: Homes of the Rich and Ridiculously Famous for Sale

Square-foot for square-foot, British luxury real estate is the most expensive in the world. Land is so expensive here, parking spaces go for hundreds of thousands of pounds. A 19.5′ x 8′ carpark space in Hyde Park Gardens was just snapped up in March 2016 for £350,000.


It’s 150% the asking price of the average British house. It’s simply the way the fabulously rich live — they’d pay a third of a million for a parking spot. If you’re curious what they would do to their homes, here’s the rundown from www.manncountrywide.co.uk.


Dirk Bogarde’s childhood home in East Sussex


On the perfect red poppy meadows of East Sussex stands a beautiful flint cottage, the childhood home of the late actor Dirk Bogarde. The meadows were a defining part of his youth, and the actor dedicated his biography to its beauty, naming it Great Meadow. Close to Alfriston, a village that by itself is chock-full of beautiful heritage buildings, the place has four bedrooms, a patio and a perfect half-acre garden. It lists for £1.1 million.


The Naked Chef flat


Over the credits on each episode of Naked Chef, superstar Jamie Oliver would ride down the banister of a beautiful staircase, and land right in the kitchen to begin his show. That wasn’t a set — it was Oliver’s own home. The 2400 ft.² luxury pad on Chequer Street in London may be a dream with a home gym and spa; the couple, however, reportedly feel that it isn’t right for their five children. It was on the market for £3 million in 2015, and didn’t sell. It’s back on now for a shade less, at £2.75 million.


Interior design God Tessa Kennedy’s London flat


Tessa Kennedy is interior designer to everyone important. From the Beatles and James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to members of the royal family, she’s left her imprint on some of the most important buildings in the country. If you’d like to find out what her own home might be like, it just went on the market at £3 million. The 863 ft.² home is in Mayfair, and it’s as beautiful as you would expect it to be.


The Pimlico home of Downton Abbey actress Daisy Lewis


She played the energetic teacher Sarah Bunting in Downtown Abbey. Her penthouse flat on Warwick Square is now up for sale. The asking price is a cool £2.35 million.


Charles Dickens’ flat


If you want a celebrity link, it doesn’t get any better than 30, Tavistock St. in Covent Garden. The beautiful, blue building houses the flat that Charles Dickens once lived in. While it’s for sale, the owners have also advertised that it’s available to rent — at £2,000 a month. You mustn’t go in expecting it to look anything like it did in Dickens’ time, though. It’s a thoroughly modern little place.


Living in a palace on the cheap


In this case, “cheap” would be £700,000. It’s for a three-bedroom home in Princess Park Manor, a wonderful and over-the-top palatial building that wouldn’t look out of place next to Buckingham Palace.


Ronan Keating’s home


Pop superstar Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne parted ways in 2011. Their beautiful, 6,000 ft.² home in Abington, Limerick, has just been put on sale. It lists for £1.94 million. The home has six bedrooms, a gym, and a vast garden.


The “Ironman House” in Abersoch, North Wales


Jason Manford, the popular TV comedian, has said that he wants nothing more than to buy the cliffhanger of a home in Wales that he calls the Ironman House. While the home, sticking out of a cliff overlooking the Celtic Sea as it does, is dropdead gorgeous, Manford wants it for a different sort of reason. The place reminds him (and it would anyone) of the house in the hit feature Ironman.


Jodie Marsh’s over-the-top Essex home


Jodie Marsh, the professional bodybuilder, model and tattoo enthusiast, is putting her pretty little three-bedroom cottage in South Weald, Essex, for sale. It’s going for £600,000. Despite having spent a great deal on customizing it with a pretty pink kitchen and a bedroom that would put a softcore movie to shame, it’s just not big enough for her successful business anymore.


Cesar King enjoys blogging about celebrity lifestyles. A keen property investor himself, he is fascinated by the high end properties that go on the market. His articles appear on business and lifestyle blogs.


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