RecipesHow to Make a Fantastic Pizza At Home

How to Make a Fantastic Pizza At Home

Is pizza a regular meal in your home? If so, then it’s probably delivered to your door. However, making a good piece of homemade pizza from well-prepared dough is quick and also easy. While shaping the pizza, I find that the finest method is to carefully roll the dough onto a small parchment paper. It so happens that the dough sticks to the paper, making it rather easy to work and also move into your oven. Interestingly, the dough does not burn or catch fire. Instead, during cooking, the pizza releases itself from the paper. I would also recommend that you remove the parchment paper half way through the cooking.

There are also other techniques and catchy recipes on how to make a good homemade pizza. Let us now look at some of these methods.

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Making a Good, Homemade Pizza

What You Need

  • Ingredients
  • Equipment


  • Temperature
  • Dividing the dough
  • Methods of rolling out the dough
  • Top the pizza
  • Then bake the pizza

What You Need

Choose the right ingredients

The Ingredients

If you are wondering if making pizza at home is even possible, you should have a look at some of these ingredients. The first step to take is adding one pound of pizza dough, which could be homemade or bought from the store. Then go on to add half or one full cup of sauce. The types of sauce to use are white sauce and tomato sauce. For gardeners growing a variety of vegetables, the next step is less complicated. Add two to three toppings of sautéed onions, mushrooms, garlic or pepperoni. Hence, if you are growing a crop of garlic, mushrooms or onions, you only need to visit your garden and pluck out some.

Other toppings also include cooked sausages and bacon, diced peppers, leftover vegetables or any other topping of interest! The final step is adding one to two cups of cheese. Sliced or shredded mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Fontina. But these are just my favorites so it’s important to identify those that work best for you.


The tools of work here are essential to making a good, tasty pizza. They include:

  • Pizza stone or a baking sheet
  • Pizza peel with still the option of using a baking sheet
  • An optional use of Parchment paper (mentioned briefly in the introduction above)


A beautiful slice of pizza after baking


I recommend heating the oven to temperatures of five hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases, it is difficult to measure the temperature. What I do is set the heat to its highest level. It helps in the making of a crunchier and tasteful crust.

Dividing the Dough

Shockingly, only one pound of dough makes two ten inch pieces of pizza. Interesting right? Separate the dough in half and close one-half using a clean upside-down bowl or even a kitchen towel. All this is while still preparing your first pizza.

Methods of Rolling Out the Dough

The first method is to bake the pizza on parchment paper of around twelve inches in width. Another technique is using cornmeal and also a baking stone. Simply, add a handful of cornmeal on top of a peel of pizza or at the back of the sheet you use in baking.

If these two methods are difficult, there is a final alternative! Bake the pizza on a baking sheet by brushing a thin sample of olive oil on the material.

Topping the Pizza

A fantastic pizza topping

Take some few tablespoons of sauce to the center of the pizza and by using the rear end of a spoon, spread it across all the edges.

Baking the Pizza

Place it in the oven for about five minutes, and then rotate your pizza. If you chose to use a parchment paper, this is now a good time to remove it from under your pizza. Continue baking for three to five minutes until the crust turns to a golden brown color and the cheese appears toasty.


After performing strenuous activities such as harvesting and storing radishes, it is refreshing to find a good home cooked pizza meal. By going through this recipe, you may now start saying goodbye to that delivery man, save on cash, and enjoy a beautiful and tasty homemade pizza!

But the world of pizza making is broad, and there’s still a lot that we need to learn. What challenges have you come across while preparing a homemade pizza?






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