ReviewsMagic Senses "Cheerful Butterly" Soap

Magic Senses “Cheerful Butterly” Soap

Magic Senses was founded in 2005 by Mike and Betty Miller. It is a family-owned online business; our mission is to help fill in the market need for unique, handcrafted personal care products, especially glycerin soap. Our collection has increased during the last year and we are very proud to say that right now we can offer products in over 55 exquisite scents and wonderful designs. We strive to provide the best quality possible and to make our customers happy.

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The Reviews

Grammy Janet’s Place Removing the covering released the full potential of the beautiful Plumeria scent and I was drawn into reverie of happy fluttering butterflies and warm sunshine! I could not wait to try this soap out and display it near my bathroom sink. Washing my hands with the Cheerful Butterfly soap created a soft, silky scented lather. My hands felt very soft after rinsing. I love this soap!

Tara’s View of the World – I’ve never seen soap like it! It is so fun and so pretty and it smelled wonderful!My kids were super excited to use the soap too… once they figured out it was soap! At first they kept asking me if it was something to eat or if it was a toy! The soap worked just like soap should- everyone got clean and it didn’t irritate my kids’ sensitive skin.

She Scribes I’ve added a bit of spring time to our bathroom. I’ve added a Cheerful Butterfly glycerin soap from Magic Senses in our shower. It’s almost too cute to use! I don’t know how they did it but the wings are really swirls of other soaps. It’s like they took a beautiful lavender soap and a lovely pink soap, shaved off some pieces, curled them and then added them to the butterflies wings. Even the body of the butterfly is made from a creamy yellow soap. They are all held together with a clear glycerin soap. It’s scented with Pulmeria and it smells SO GOOD! As silly as it might sound having the Cheerful Butterfly soap in the tub makes me feel happy. I guess that is why it’s called the Cheerful Butterfly. I guess it’s the pretty colors and lovely scent that makes me feel that way.

Reviewza-Palooza – My daughter is all about butterflies right now so this was a perfect fit for the kids bathroom. I was surprised at how thick the soap was and the smell is amazing. The detail in the design is so pretty. Every time someone comes over I have to show them the soap. “Smell it – look how cute!” I went to their website and I now have a list of all the different soaps I want to try. Number one on my list is Cherry Vanilla.

The Clan McLeod – We were very pleased to receive a sample of the Magic Senses Cheerful Butterfly Glycerin Soap in pink. When I opened the package the beautiful scent of Plumeria hit me. It was wonderful! And the soap? BEAUTIFUL! My girls went crazy over it as they enjoy products that are just for them . So, I handed over the soap to see what they thought. Sarah says-“Oh how cute! And it smells so GOOD!” Kristin says-“Can I use it in the shower tonight!”

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Happy Mommy 3 – I opened the mailing envelope and the scent just billowed out, it was such a pretty smell. Then I also remembered that I had to actually use the soap. LOL! It is so pretty and smells so good that I just wanted to put it on display in my bathroom. The butterfly soap is absolutely adorable and very well made. The soap lathers up really nice and it leaves my hands feeling clean. It doesn’t leave any filmy residue or dry out my hands.I have my soap in the hall bathroom and I can smell the scent of the soap all through my living room. It is great!

An Island Review – Each soap is handmade which means that no two are exactly alike. I think this is a great concept because it gives each piece it’s own personality. And if butterflies aren’t your thing, they have so many different designs to choose from that you’re sure to find something for the whole family. In addition, they also have various shea body butters and the most adorable scrubbies. You’ll kids will love bathtime!

Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews – If you’re wondering what you can suggest to the Easter Bunny to fill those baskets, there’s a new Cheerful Butterfly Soap in Blue from Magic Senses. Magic Senses offers Handcrafted Designer Glycerine Soaps ~ Unique Soap for Unique People. Their Cheerful Butterfly Soap Collection was launched in October, 2008 and so far it comes in 3 beautiful designs: pink, blue and confetti. Plumeria fragrance is one of their most popular floral fragrances. Each Butterfly of glycerin soap is handmade and weighs approx. 4.7 oz. It’s even more incredibly beautiful when you have it in-hand! You can immediately tell that it’s artisan crafted by the delicate swirls and complimentary colors!

1StopMom –  Have you ever had something that was too pretty to use? Before I had kids I used to buy stuff like that all the time.Well, I recently came across some soap that fell into that category. It is the Cheerful Butterfly soap from Magic Senses. When it came in the mail I could smell it through the packaging. Now that is a good thing. I hate it when I get magazines or catalogs in the mail and they have one of those cards in them that have perfume on it. They make my head hurt. This soap had one of those scents where you want to keep smelling it. When I opened the package and actually looked at it was so pretty! It has these swirls in it that looked really cool. I swear, you can’t stop looking at it. It even caught my husband’s attention. I have never seen anything like it.

Pink Family Reviews – As soon as opened the package, I noticed how wonderful this soap smelled. I loved the light scent of plumeria. My girls had to see the soap right away too. They loved the way it smelled and how beautifully handcrafted it was. I will admit, I was going to use this as my own but my girls quickly talked me into letting them use it at bath time. They thought it was so neat and loved how it made them smell so good. It left their skin clean and smelling great without drying it out or leaving a soapy residue. This is definitely something I would keep using for them.

From Melissa’s Desk – Magic Senses is proud to offer an alternative to industrialized, mass intended soap. As part of their philosophy, they promote very good quality, creativity and originality because they think that everyone is special and deserves something special.  I had the pleasure of sampling their Cheerful Butterfly Soap. Not only is this soap a beautiful piece of artwork, but it’s heavenly scented with Plumeria fragrance. As soon as I opened the box, the sweet floral smell engulfed the room.





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