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12 Secrets To Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship

Being social animals, we need to be in relationship with others. It ranges from everyday routine interactions with various persons at various levels to our strong relations with our close friends and relatives. The most important relationship we build up and want to prolong is the one we have with our spouse. Every male and female starts this relation with kind wishes and better prospects in his or her mind, but things get disturbed somewhere on the way and the relationship gets spoiled. Husband -wife relationship must be long lasting for the family setup to be strong and deep-rooted. Particularly, children are always keen observers of how their parents are behaving mutually. This fact makes it clear how our relationship can affect how our children turn out. This, in turn, causes the overall social setup to be well established and smoothly working. In order to enjoy a long term relationship, here are a few secrets which, if followed sincerely, will ensure a long, peaceful and pleasant bond between the life partners.

1.  Always Be Particular And Cautious:

If you want to make your relation long lasting, value and honour your relationship and always remain cautious about this. Respect your partner’s feelings and thoughts and be particular about his/ her likes and dislikes. If you don’t care about this sensitive relationship and ignore your liabilities towards this, you will spoil it with your own hands. If you find yourself flinching away from this reality, kindly make yourself realize its importance at the earliest and secure it from getting sabotaged.

2.  Be Open, Frank and Honest:

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Sometimes being introvert and too much reserved makes your image doubtful and your partner keeps guessing about your actual stance. Always try to be open, frank and honest about your feelings and thoughts and make them vivid to your spouse so that he/she may be quite clear and authentic about you. Confusions may arise when you don’t express your inward feelings and thoughts. Inform your partner about yourself that you think he/she would want to know.

3.  Always Trust Your Partner:

Happy and lasting relationships are always based upon mutual trust. So, always do the things which develop mutual trust and strengthen it constantly. Show vulnerability, openness, trustworthiness, etc and share secrets to improve the level of trust. Here, I would add one thing that if your partner also shows equal level of trust, you must keep on consolidating it mutually. Otherwise, re-evaluate your own level of commitment. A relationship based on one-sided trust is likely not to work long term.

4.  Compromise to the Maximum:

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Nobody is absolutely flawless. All of us do have some minor or major flaws. So, we should always compromise with the mistakes or blunders of others especially of our spouse. We can easily compromise if we put ourselves in our partner’s shoes and understand his/her perspective, feelings and thoughts. Never mind it that you are compromising. Always keep it in your mind that your partner is compromising with your lackings and, hence, it is obligatory for you to do the same.

5.  Avoid Making Wrong Assumptions:

Assuming that your spouse has the same way of thinking as yours is the worst threat to a long-term relationship. Every individual has got his/her specific mind-set, habits, feelings and thoughts and he/she has a basic right to follow them. So this is rather illogical to assume that the other person is also thinking on the same lines. Instead, if you are mentally prepared that your spouse will differ with you in various affairs, you will not be hurt and will tackle the whole situation calmly and wisely.

6.  Understand the Emotions Underneath:

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It is quite usual with us that we often don’t read between the lines and get flared up just on listening the apparent wordings. We must listen to the emotions underneath the words and try our level best to judge whether the other person is sad, frustrated, stressed, pleased, glad, joyful or whatever. Always notice the tone of the voice, body language, unsaid emotions along with the content of the words. Such a level of emotional attunement will go a long way towards understanding your spouse and responding accordingly. This will ensure a long –lasting relationship.

7.  Honour the Limits and Privacy:

It always pays in the long run to set boundaries and permit privacy without having a slightest doubt in mind. The is a great gesture to show trust in each other’s love and character. Neither of the partners will experience any kind of nuisance in mutual dealing and routine life and their relationship will carry on smoothly and peacefully without a minimal hitch at all. Never take this kind gesture to your ego but develop a true passion for respecting other person’s boundaries and privacy if you want to enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

8.  Enjoy Healthy Conflicts/Clashes:

Life is always full of fights, conflicts and clashes which also impart their specific colour to our life. So expecting a mutual life without any conflict will collapse your relationship an soon as there arises even a minor conflict. But at the same time, these conflicts may be solved logically and peacefully. Take these conflicts as an opportunity to strengthen your long-lasting relationship by solving them through healthy discussions and arguments. Always keep showing even during your discussions how you care about the other person and relationship.

9.  Always be Selfless and Sacrificing:

Never keep scoring your numbers in showing your care and affection towards your spouse. Your love and care must be natural without any expectation for an equal return. Always be selfless and sacrificing if you want to enjoy a long-lasting relationship. This is also necessary because both the partners are always on the same team and they should work things out together instead of scoring their numbers individually. Selfless love and care always work wonders to establish a long-lasting relationship.

10.  Buy Each Other Presents:

Buy a nice present as per like of your spouse. This doesn’t have to be necessarily big or costly but must always be the one which your spouse likes to own. Even fresh roses only can work wonders in this connection. This kind gesture will show your love and care for your partner and will please him/her to the extent that he/she will also try to return in the same way. Exchanging small gifts enhance the mutual love and care which further strengthens a long-term relationship.

11.  Always Appreciate Each Other:

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In order to have a long-term relationship, it is always advisable to appreciate each other. Appreciation can boost up your partner’s faculties a lot and he/she may start behaving even better. Lack of appreciation hurts the feelings and ruptures the expectations so much so that the overall morale of a person declines a lot, and he/she lowers down the level of affection and care. Moreover, never try to belittle or make fun of your spouse especially in front of others.

12.  Be the First to Say ‘ Sorry ’:

To err is human. So, be the first to say sorry if you want to end up your mutual disputes. Never rehash the old arguments as it will give you no good but will intensify the whole situation. Your apologetic gesture will resolve the whole issue quite abruptly and will cast an everlasting impact on your partner. For a long-term relationship, this is not too high a cost because sincere partners are always hard to come by.

Hence, these are the best secrets to have a long-term relationship with your life partner.

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