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Long Haul Packing Mastery 101: What Your Family Will Need Once On Board

Packing for a business trip or a vacation as a couple, is an easy task, when you compare it to the logistical challenge that faces you when packing for a family trip.

Some things make travelling easier, such as the united mileage plus credit card, so when it comes to mastering your packing skills, here is your packing 101, so that you can travel in style and comfortable in the knowledge that you have everything you need.

Getting organized

The main point to take on board when it comes it packing is that you should consider creating a packing list for each person in the family who is traveling.

Many of us think that we are organized enough to remember everything that needs to go with you on your trip and probably have a routine that tends to work well enough. The problem is that when you throw packing for kids into the mix, it is way too easy to miss out items that your or your children need.

If you want to avoid any last-minute stress or even worse, a realization that you have forgotten something when you unpack at your destination, it is time to get properly organized and create a packing list for each person.

What you need to pack will obviously depend on where in the world you are heading and of course, how old the children you need to pack for are.

Infants need to be the focus of your attention

Packing and traveling with your children invariably gets easier as they get older, more travel-wise and compliant, hopefully!

In the meantime, the focus of your attention when it comes to your packing tasks, will to be make sure that if you are traveling with infants, that they have absolutely everything needed.

As any parent knows, packing and traveling anywhere with a baby, almost feels like you are going to need to hire a truck to be able to take all the things you need with you. Diapers, food, spare clothes, bottles, comforters, the list is virtually endless, but any item that is missing can soon create a dilemma that you would rather not deal with.

Other things that might be worth adding to your list, include packing a set of your own towels for the baby. As little ones can often have sensitive skin, you might not want to take the chance that the hotel laundry detergent proves problematic.

Keeping young ones happy

Your focus on what to pack will change as the kids get older and when you are packing for toddlers and school-age kids, they will have different needs that need to be catered for.

A missing comforter or a bottle is no longer an issue with a child that is older, and the main thing you want to try and remember when packing for older kids, is to think about what will keep them happy during the journey itself, as well as when they get there.

Put some of their favorite, games, toys, and books on your list. This way, they will be entertained while you are traveling, allowing you to hopefully arrived more refreshed and less stressed, if you have planned for the journey as well as the vacation itself.

Don’t forget your own needs

Having sorted out everyone else, it is far too easy to forget you own requirements, especially as you will probably have left your own packing to be the last task.

Don’t forget that if you are going abroad, you will not only need your passport and other travel documents to be in a safe and accessible place, but you should also remember to pack an outlet converter, have a phone that offers global access, and all the chargers you need for the gadgets you are carrying with you.

Other ideas to make things easier

It makes sense to try and create a sort of go-anywhere wardrobe that you can travel with. This means having a set of clothes that don’t look out of place in the region your traveling to, but are comfortable and easy to pack.

Easy-care clothes are always a good idea and do make sure you add some comfortable shoes to your packing list, as many of us like to go exploring when on vacation.

Do also remember to adhere to the current luggage rules and restrictions, as the last thing you want is an issue with your cases when you check in at the airport.

Master your packing skills with the aid of a list to remind you of what you need, and you will hopefully improve your chances of enjoying a great family vacation, from start to finish.

Anna Bond works in the travel industry and is a keen traveler herself, enjoying family holidays around the world. She shares her tips and tricks from a personal as well as professional viewpoint online.


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