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The Little Stamp Company knows that little learners love the sense of accomplishment when they learn to print their names. Their ‘Signature’ self inking stamps, with a large ‘dotted’ font, promote printing in a engaging and interactive way.

Each personalized stamp uses child safe washable ink to keep those little hands mess free while they enjoy printing their names on artwork, colouring pages, cards etc. Their educational products help the children in your lives develop early literacy skills while having fun!


The Reviews:

Tara’s View of the World – I personally think the self-inking feature is brilliant- no muss no fuss! The ink is child-safe and eco-friendly too. Owen decided to use the stamp as a “Tatoo Machine” briefly and I was relieved to discover the ink easily washed off of his arms, legs and torso 🙂

The Mommy-Files –  I had the opportunity to review the Signature Stamp with my son’s first name on it. I loved the stamp as did my preschooler….and his younger brother!  …….. Not to mention it’s fun to stamp papers and books with your child’s name. My son even stamped a letter and envelope using his name stamp.

Mom of 2 Boys, Wife to 1 –  I thought James would like it, but I had no idea just how much. I forgot that kids love stuff like this – he wanted to stamp everything (even the paper towel). He really loved seeing his name on everything and enjoyed tracing it as well………. My only suggestion for the product? I wish it had a piece you could snap on the bottom of the stamp when not in use to protect any accidental stamping.

An Island Review –  The great thing is that not only is Baby Bug learning to write her name but she’s also learning to spell it. She will say the letters as she traces the dots. And since she can use the stamp on pretty much any scratch paper she finds around the house, she’s been constantly practicing. The name stamp is not only easy to use but convenient and fun!  She’ll be ready for preschool in no time!

Plus Size Mommy –  It is a wonderful tool to help your child learn to write their name. My daughter Yasmine who is 3, and will be 4 in October, will be heading to preschool this September. She will be able to write her name clearly and neatly because of the help of The Little Stamp Company. She loves to have fun using her name stamp, and she loves to “play connect the dots” with her letters and when she is finished, the end result is her name written beautifully.

The Divine Miss Mommy –  This is seriously one of the coolest, educational things that I have ever gotten for my daughter. I love it. She loves it. What is so great is that she can do it herself from start to finish. I no longer have to trace the letters for her to draw over. She can take charge.

MommyMandy – Sarah is 3.5 and is trying to write her name. So we were very excited about getting her a stamp with her name so she could start learning to write her name. What we have found over the past few weeks is that she is tracing the letters much better. I think another few months and she will be starting to write her name!
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