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Lesser Known Benefits of Consuming a Glass of Juice Every Morning

Fresh juice made from fruits and vegetables contains enzymes and phytochemical that are vital for maintaining a healthy body. Drinking juice on an empty stomach early in the morning has several positive benefits due to the powerful alkalizing effects that neutralize toxicity within the human body.

Hence, it’s considered a good idea to pour yourself a glass of refreshing, and body cleansing elixir the very first thing in the morning. The fresh juice helps rebuild cells and inflamed tissue as well as provides an energizing boost to keep you active throughout the day.

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Fruit Juice Replenishes Drained Energy Levels Instantly

Upon waking up after a good night’s rest, our bodies feel drained and dehydrated due to a lack of nutrition. During this time our bodies crave minerals and vitamins that are required to recharge our energy levels. Fruit juice is made up of concentrated nutrients, which means our bodies rapidly absorb the vitamins directly into our bloodstream.

Green vegetable juice is highly effective in hydrating our body and is high in fiber content. Fiber helps in balancing our digestive system and flushing out toxic waste generated by a bad diet. It’s important to use only organic and seasonal produce to get the maximum benefit out of your juice.

Drinking a Detoxifying Juice can Aid In Restoring Normal Bowel Functions

Are you someone who suffers from chronic constipation? Or struggles with irritable bowel syndrome?
Fresh juice can be the solution!

Constipation is caused due to a lack of fiber in your diet while fruit and vegetable juice contain plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber. A fantastic way to provide your body with optimum fiber to normalize your bowel function is to drink a glass of juice every morning.

Drinking a glass of juice on an empty stomach can cleanse your intestines and provide the required fiber to push out waste in an optimal way. Ideally, if you suffer from chronic constipation, solid food can only worsen the condition, while liquids such as vegetable juice can be easy on the digestive system.

Dark Green Juice Can Prevent You From Falling Sick

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Our immune system is usually at its weakest when we wake from our sleep. This is because when we rest, our cells are fighting off various infections and healing our body from the daily wear and tear. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide our body with a glass full of immune boosting nutrients in the form of dark green juice.

Green juice is nothing but vegetable juice made from spinach, bok choy, broccoli, lentils, kale, etc. dark green vegetables are known for strengthening immune levels within our bodies. If you were falling sick one too many times, it’s time you give your body an added layer of protection by consuming a glass full of cruciferous vegetable juice.

Shed Pounds Naturally By Having a Glass Full of Organic juice

We’re all no strangers to the fact that fresh juice is linked to weight loss. This is because fruit or vegetable juice is extremely low in calories, and provides the body with fast absorbing minerals and vitamins. But did you know that having a glass full of juice early in the morning can hasten your weight loss?

It’s true!

When your body receives fiber the very first thing in the morning, your stomach feels fuller. You then tend to eat a smaller breakfast and end up saving a whole lot of calories that otherwise would have ended up in your stomach. Drinking a glass of fruit juice is also great for eliminating fat deposits and overall you end up feeling lighter at the end of the day.

Reduce the Risk of Contracting Life-threatening Diseases

It’s a fact! Drinking a glass of organic juice reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 20 percent. The World Health Organization has claimed that more than 2 million deaths could have been prevented, annually, if individuals had been alerted on the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Making a glass of fruit juice is convenient and makes us avoid processed foods due to the fiber ensuring our bellies remain full. Since eating several whole fruits and vegetables is seemingly impossible, juicing can be a great alternative for mixing various produce together to gain their benefits.

A glass of juice every day keeps the doctor away!

Conclusion: How Much Juice Do I Really Need to Stay Healthy?

It’s advisable to drink a glass of juice in the morning and another in the evening to keep the fiber flowing into your body. On the other hand, it’s important to understand that while juice provides important minerals, it isn’t a substitute for normal food.

When in doubt, remember to always consult a dietician who can recommend you on the type of fruits and vegetables to juice for optimum health.


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