ReviewsLANDER: Products For Both Moms and Kids!

LANDER: Products For Both Moms and Kids!

landerlogoaOnce in a while.. when we have the time, us moms need to unwind and relax in a nice hot bubble bath.. not only is it good for the soul, it’s good for your body! That’s my motto anyway! I don’t know what it is about taking a hot bubble bath.. but afterwards, I feel like a brand new women. I’m also very relaxed and stress free.

surefile3in1So, when LANDER offered to send me a few bath products for moms and a few for kids to review, I was very happy! I thought of this an excuse for my husband to watch the children for a few hours while I sat and relaxed (and read!) in the tub for a few hours.

Ahh.. it was exhilarating! I was sent a gift pack of the LANDER® 3-in-1 (Bubble Bath, Bodywash and Shampoo). This 3-n-1 thing was very cool to me. I could take a bubble bath, wash up and wash my hair with one product.. nice! In the gift pack were three, fairly large bottles. The different scents included Fresh Lavender, Coconut and Vanilla Crème Caramel. I immediately chose the Vanilla Creme Caramel because I love Vanilla and anything scented with it!

A bath is nice for me in general because I hardly have the time to sit in the tub and relax.. but with the Vanilla Creme Caramel bubble bath.. it was so much better. And with the 3-n-1 I only used one item.. not 3 so that was definitely a plus surefilberryblasand made things a little easier.

The second item I received to review was the LANDER Kids Bubble Bath. I used this on my daughter only, not my son because he his eczema is really acting up and I didn’t want to try it on him in case it irritated his skin more. My daughter loved playing in the bubble.. she’s even figured out that when she blows as hard as she can into the bubbles.. some fly around. It was adorable.. and she had a great time.

I had never tried LANDER products before, but I’m a huge fan now. I had no problems or complaints with any of the products I tried and will no longer purchase the more expensive names when I can purchase these at Wal-Mart for a much lower price and get a ton more for my money.

More Info on LANDER Products:

The Kid’s LANDER® Bubble Bath comes in a 50.7 oz. size bottle, providing more than 40 bubble bath uses, and retails for less than $4 each!

LANDER® Foam Bath – The carefully formulated Foam Bath will take you to that beautiful and fragrant place where the calming benefits envelope you while you bathe. Available in a one liter bottle, fragrances include Fresh Lavender, Cucumber Melon and Milk & Honey.

Kid’s LANDER® products can now be found at common national retail outlets throughout the U.S., including Wal-Mart and more!

In addition, the LANDER® brand always has been and continues to be manufactured in the U.S.

For more info on LANDER, check out their new website at


  1. I bought Lander 3 in 1 coconut my hair is so soft and silky. I washed my hair 3 times because i liked it so much. This stuff is wonderful you should have commercials i love this. Going to keep buying it from now on and i can wash my self too haha at the sametime its like a party in the shower. Use that for a future commercials . Thanks so much for my soft silky smooth smelling good hair. las Vegas nv


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