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DIY Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your kids’ bedroom on your own is not only fun, but affordable too. An interior designer will cost you a hefty amount of money and besides, what’s fun about it? In this blog post, I’m going to share some simple yet stylish ideas and hacks that won’t cost you a fortune. Let’s have a look at 9 nifty kids’ room decorating ideas that would make you want to be a kid all over again:

DIY Cube Storage:

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Image via HouseToHome

Let’s grab those wood pallets from garage you thought were useless. They are not. You can use these pallets to make really simple cube storage all by yourself. Paint it with your kid’s favorite colors and set it up against the wall in your little one’s room to turn it into a wall of colorful cubes.

Split Photo Frame:

Image via RealSimple

This is one of my favorite kids’ room decorating ideas. It’s pretty straightforward but gives away some very artistic vibes. Just find the favorite picture of your kid and have it enlarged to the size of a standard frame. Now cut it into four equal pieces and have each piece framed. Hang the frames together on the wall. Praise yourself, you’re a designer.

Wall Stickers:


This idea is perfect for those desiring little effort. You can get all kinds of wall stickers to decorate your cutie pie’s room; from Harry Potter themed wall stickers to more general wall stickers. You don’t have to be an artist to put up these stickers on the wall.

A Corner Changing Area:


If you have a small baby, you can set up a changing area in a corner of the little fella’s nursery. Just grab some wooden bins from the market to put the diapers and toiletries in. You can also go for colorful plastic bins. Nail some stainless coat hooks in the corner to hang baby clothes.

Ribbon Dresser:


Image via RealSimple

Beautifying your kid’s dresser with colorful ribbons is one of the simplest kids’ room decorating ideas. Not only straightforward, it is cheap too. Use those leftover ribbons you were thinking of throwing away. Tie or glue the ribbons on the dresser’s knobs and you get an instant upgrade without spending a penny.

Appliqué Curtains:


Image via HouseToHome

You don’t have to buy those expensive fancy curtains for your kids’ room when you can make them all by yourself. Dig out old and torn out t-shirts and clothes you forgot to throw away. Cut out the cartoons and shapes from the old clothes and stitch them onto the curtains. Do not try to be a perfectionist and leave the stitches raw. You can use stripes and different patterns as well.

Wall of Art and Scribbles:


Image via The Design Enthusiast

Is your kid an artist? What could be better than framing your little one’s art and scribbles and hanging them on your very own Wall of Art and Scribbles? Choose different sized frames to raise interest. Instead of just lining up the frames, gather them in a random way. Let the interior designer in you try out different arrangements.

Organized Cubbies:

Image via RealSimple

Train your little man to be organized and arrange his stuff in an orderly manner. Create different sections for this purpose. For example, the arts section can have all his crayons, paints, glue, paint brushes etc, while the gaming section can house his favorite games.

Cute Height Chart:

Image via Pinterest

You know how your baby wants to grow up quickly. Set up this cute height chart in your kid’s room so that the little man can keep a check on his daily growth.

I suggest renovating your home following advice of experts at HomeDesignKey.com, and use these kids’ room decorating ideas to make your kids feel special.


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