ParentingWhy Your Kids Need to Play Outside This Summer

Why Your Kids Need to Play Outside This Summer

Most of life happens within four walls of a building. Your kids create memories and share family meals in your home and learn from their teachers inside their school. They should get outdoors whenever possible, especially when the weather warms up. These are a few reasons why your kids need to play outside this summer. It will improve their personal development and help them grow into confident, well-rounded teenagers.


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1-) They’ve Been Cooped Up

Even when the world didn’t have to quarantine at home, people spend more time cooped up during the fall and winter months. No one wants to shiver while they try to have fun or feel snow melting through their boots. Your kids formed habits to pass the time while they couldn’t go outside, but now nature wants to welcome them again.

Breathing fresh air and playing in spaces will help kids not feel so cooped up. They’ll have room to release their energy and try new things. It’s always a good idea to spend time outdoors while your children still have their boundless imagination and energy to match it.

2-) They’ll Enjoy Vitamin D

Kids get their vitamins through their diet, but they can also get more vitamin D by playing in direct sunlight. When sunlight comes into contact with skin, the body produces more of the vitamin. Besides supporting the immune system, vitamin D helps bones and teeth develop during crucial childhood growth periods. As long as your kids also wear sunscreen, the extra time outside will make them healthier.

3-) They’ll Improve Their Balance

It’s easy for kids to stay upright on flat hardwood floors and familiar carpeting. They should challenge their balance by going outside and even playing at a playground. Parents can expect to watch their children fall sometimes, but it’s a critical part of improving their balance.

Playgrounds will also prepare for this eventuality. Many use flooring material like pour-in-place (PIP) rubber, which offers exceptional shock absorption to prevent bruises, fractures or broken bones. Bring a few bandaids to your trips to the park and your kids will continue crucial physical skills in a safe outdoor environment.

4-) They’ll Develop Social Skills

Going outside makes social interactions more likely. Your child can put lessons into action that they learned at home or through books. They’ll practice sharing, respecting personal space and even cooperating with others to achieve a shared goal. Kids will also make new friends and form memories that they wouldn’t otherwise do indoors. The warm weather could change your child’s social life if they get outside and find fun things to do.

5-) They’ll Gain Fine Motor Skills

Children need to work on their fine motor skills as they grow. They’ll need them to interact with the world, but staying indoors every day limits their interactions. Your kids need to play outside this summer to experience fine motor activities like popping bubbles or drawing with chalk.

Hand-eye coordination and reflexes are just a few crucial skills the outside world will teach them. Encourage your children to build sandcastles at the beach or even play with a jump rope. The activities will strengthen skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.

6-) They’ll Refine Their Perceptual Abilities

Learning new things through sensory skills is essential even with the abilities people take for granted. Kids need to see new things to learn about the world. Take them to the zoo so they can watch new animals or trace how ocean waves fall into the shore and get pulled back out to sea. Perceptual abilities are just as crucial as other fine motor skills, so use their summer break to take your kids to new places.

7-) They’ll Strengthen Their Immune System

Cleaning your home is a normal part of your routine and an important tool to protect your family. Still, children should build their immune system by interacting with the world. They’ll contract germs that their body defeats, leading to a more robust response to more intense bacteria or viruses. Find a balance in their exposure to help their body take better care of them before the school year begins and the flu jumps between classrooms.

8- ) They’ll Find New Hobbies

There are also new hobbies waiting for your children outdoors. If they can try new things outside of a digital screen, they’ll discover new parts about their personalities. They might fall in love with a new sport or become a passionate gardener by interacting with plants. Their favorite hobbies could chart their future by directing them to educational or career paths they wouldn’t have considered before.

Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

There are so many reasons why your kids need to play outside this summer. Give them time every day for their favorite indoor activities and then encourage them to strap on their tennis shoes. They’ll become stronger, healthier and more well-rounded kids by participating in activities in the backyard or the community.

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