ReviewsKickin' Coaster by Learning Curve Review

Kickin’ Coaster by Learning Curve Review

Today has been a very long day. The twins have been super fussy and my husband and I both are suffering from a terrible headache from listening to them cry. They’ve also learned to scream. It’s not a scream like they are in pain, it’s like they just like to hear themselves. I can tell because the scream starts out as a “ooh” “ooh” sound and then gradually gets louder. It’s one of those that just goes right through you and they laugh after hearing themselves. So today has been one of those pull your hair out kind of days.

y7092_01_mediumWe’ve tried everything to comfort them and entertain them but nothing has made them happy or stopped their new screaming trick they so much enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised by a large package in the mail today. Learning Curve sent over The First Years Kickin’ Coaster to try out. I couldn’t wait to tear open the box and see if they would enjoy it. My first thought was.. “Well this looks like something they might really enjoy. Let’s give it a go and see if it keeps them entertained as advertised.”

So I opened up the box and noticed that I’d have to do some assembly. I’m not a big fan of this because I usually mess something up and my husband was in no mood to put together anything, so I took out the instruction booklet and away I went. I had it completed in less than 5 minutes. It was super easy to put together. Seriously, all you have to do is snap a few pieces together. Very simple, very quick.

Once I had it together I went and got one of the twins and placed them into the seat. She seamed very comfortable and just began looking at the colorful features. I did have to adjust the seat to the shortest length because my daughter’s legs are short and chubby. She loves to move around and is always kicking her legs so I carefully watched her as she set in the Kickin’ Coaster. She was a little unsure at first but then began kicking her little legs. When she kicks, the kick panel lights up and plays music. She was amazed by all the lights and sounds and quickly realized that when she kicked the lights came on. Once she caught on she absolutely loved it. After about 40 minutes of playing I saw her yawn so I turned on the vibrate option and switched the music to a more soothing option. Within about 10 minutes she was out. It had relaxed her so much she went to sleep. Yay!


The chair has a very comfortable pillow to support the head. I love that it’s adjustable allowing it to grow as our baby does. The kick panel is such a great idea because it helps your little one get exercise and develop their motor skills while keeping them entertained. There’s a vibration setting that creates a relaxing effect to help your baby sleep. The music and vibration setting are adjustable which I think is always a great feature for any toy! Attached to the strap is a teether rattle toy. This can easily be removed to added because it’s attached by velcro.

I HIGHLY recommend the Kickin’ Coaster by Learning Curve to any mother with an infant or any mom to be. This is such a great innovative product and will keep your little one entertained, help build motor skills, and soothe them to sleep. Our babies enjoyed it so much we are going to purchase another Kickin Coaster so they both have their own.

You can view a full demo of the Kickin’ Coaster in action by visiting Learning Curve’s website and clicking on the green demo button.


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