ReviewsKelty Transit Child Carrier 2.1 Review

Kelty Transit Child Carrier 2.1 Review

This review was written by Leeanne from HappyMommy3 who recently had the chance to try out the rough and tough Transit Carrier from Kelty. Here’s what she had to say…

Review: Kelty Carrier

With two kids under 2 traveling, shopping or just going for a walk can sometimes be difficult.  I have a double stroller but it’s a little bulky and sometimes just a pain to lug around.  We live in an apartment complex and not really many places to go play outside, however my lil’ man likes to go outside and just walk around.  It is a little difficult to maneuver through the grass with a stroller.

I was asked to review a Kelty Carrier and I thought it would be a great opportunity.
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I would first like to say that I was shocked to see how light it is.  When I thought of a carrier and backpack to carry a child around in, I thought…..It had to be heavy.  It is, however, extremely light.  It only weighs 5 pounds.  The backpack is really spacious with a ton of compartments.  The total load limit with child and cargo is 40lbs.  Well I was sent the Kelty Carrier 2.1.  They have several different models.  The Kelty Carrier 1.1 total load limit is 30lbs.  The Kelty 2.1 and 3.0 all have a total load limit of 40lbs.  Those are just 3 of the many different styles they have.  Check out the Kelty Kids to see the great selection of products.  They focus on outdoor products for all different activities such as hiking, hunting and other various outings. Their products include strollers, tents, backpacks, outdoor furniture….just to name a few.

Now I will say that my son is only about 30 lbs and I tried to put him in it and it seemed like a tight squeeze, which I am sure it’s supposed to for safety, but he got a little freaked out and I couldn’t get him to go in it. He hates to be confined in general, doesn’t like his car seat or highchair or anything that straps him in so this is unfortunately no different.   My daughter on the other hand is 6 months, and pulling in a chunky weight of 18.5 lbs but she fit in just fine and I was able to tighten it up and make it snug and comfy.  The great thing about this bag is that it isn’t really bulky, so if you aren’t using it to tote around a child you can tighten all the straps and snaps and it is still a great backpack.  I actually use a backpack as a diaper bag so I think I will be switching it out and using the Kelty Carrier all the time.  It has way more compartments than the average backpack.  I look forward to putting this backpack to good use.

Leeanne @ HappyMommy3

About Kelty

Since 1952, Kelty has built affordable, reliable outdoor gear that enables everyone, from the first-time camper to the experienced mountaineer, to embrace any experience with confidence. Kelty: Go Anywhere

Kelty’s value-priced TC 2.1  is a sure fit with its five-point, adjustable harness for kids and a torso-length adjustment for parents. Perfect for shopping, traveling, or trail walks, the TC 2.1 features a curved waistbelt and padded shoulder straps for added comfort. Able to accommodate kids up to 40 pounds, the TC 2.1 has a zip off diaper bag with shoulder straps, making quick changes a snap. MSRP: $100


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