ReviewsKelty Redwing 2500-W Review

Kelty Redwing 2500-W Review

Here’s what Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Ilissa (who isn’t actually a mom yet, but we still love her) from Everything Up Close, had to say about the Redwing 2500-W backpack from Kelty

I love being a product reviewer for Mom Fuse because I always get the opportunity to try out neat products! When Nicole from Mom Fuse told me I was going to have the opportunity to review a product from Kelty, I was really excited. In the summer, my family loves to go camping, biking, hiking, etc., so Kelty really fits in to our type of lifestyle.

I had the chance to review one of Kelty’s backpacks: the Redwing 2500-W. This backpack is made especially for women and is great because of it’s versatility. It is made to be used not only for hiking but for everyday use as well. In Kelty’s words, this pack can easily be used “from the trails to the subway.” Kelty designed this backpack to be loaded with options while keeping it as comfortable as possible. They have done this by insuring it is lightweight (2 lbs, 15 oz.) and by adding an internal frame that better supports heavier loads. In addition, Kelty has provided a padded back panel and shoulder straps, in addition to a ventilating back panel, shoulder straps, and waist belt. Because a day hike usually means sweating is inevitable, thankfully this backpack includes a wicking back panel. Finally, to make life easier, Kelty has also included several compartments for storage in this backpack.

When I received the Redwing 2500-W, the first thing I noticed was it’s size. From the picture online, I expected the backpack to be quite a bit smaller than it actually was. The Redwing 2500-W measures 21” in length, 16” in width, and 13.5” in depth. The size of this bag makes it perfect for carrying all the items necessary for a daylong outing. While testing out this bag, I packed all the things that I think we would need on a day trip. I packed a couple of extra pairs of clothes, a summer jacket, a lunch bag, and two water bottles. After packing all of this, I noticed that there was still tons of room left over! Not only that, I realized even after packing it, how much lighter this bag was overall compared to others I have used in the past.

One thing I really liked about the Redwing 2500-W, was how easy it was to carry. Kelty makes this bag comfortable to carry on your back by including adjustable and padded S Shaped shoulder straps and a Scherer Cinch™ waist belt. I really like that the waist belt on the Redwing 2500-W can be removed easily anytime I want. This aspect makes the bag easier to use when I am going to or from work or school and don’t need the extra support that the waist belt offers. Additionally, throughout the pack you will find several straps that allow you to stabilize and distribute the weight of your pack evenly. In addition to carrying this bag on your back, Kelty has also added a carry handle on the front of the bag to make transportation a bit easier (I love this feature). The only issue I had when carrying this bag is, when I had both the waist belt and the shoulder straps on and the sternum strap buckled, the bag was lifting slightly off my shoulders. I am assuming there must be a way to fix this, but I was not able to figure it out. I will have to investigate the issue a bit further.

My absolute favorite part of the Redwing 2500-W is all it’s compartments. This bag literally has a compartment for everything! This backpack has one main compartment (with organization features), a second front compartment (with several additional organization features – including a key fob), and a zipper in the front of the second front compartment which is perfect for storing your wallet, jewelry, etc. Then, on both sides of the backpack, there is a zippered side pocket and a mesh water bottle pocket. When using this bag, I preferred using the zipper side pocket for my water bottle and the mesh water bottle pocket for small snacks, such as an apple. I think the zippered side pockets are a perfect size for either a standard size water bottle or an 18 oz. Stainless Steel Canteen. In addition to all the compartments in this backpack, there are also several loops, straps and buckles. These are great for hanging gear, such as your keys, a compass, or an additional water bottle. Finally, I like that this backpack is compatible with a hydration pack. This feature makes it ideal for those long hikes!
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In conclusion, after having a chance to evaluate the Redwing 2500-W, I think it is a perfect option for both the occasional or frequent hiker. This backpack seems well made and will likely last for quite a long time. All the aspects that I have mentioned above, in addition to the suggested retail price of $99.95, make the Kelty Redwing 2500-W a great choice for everyday or occasional use!

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– Ilissa @ Everything Up Close


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