ParentingA Mom's Guide to Keeping Kids Organized

A Mom’s Guide to Keeping Kids Organized

Children are adorable. However, mothers know how difficult it is to clean after the chaos and waves of destruction that can come with busy little ones around. Don’t you wish your little ones were a little bit more organized?

Fortunately, this isn’t an impossible task.

Guide to Keeping Kids Organized

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Being organized can be learned over time. As a mom, you can practice and encourage your children to be more organized, and we have a guide to help you along the way.

Here are six ways of getting your kids to be more organized.

Have a Homework Routine

Encourage your children to have daily homework or study routine. When kids know that a specific time is reserved for homework, they will fall into a pattern that will be difficult to ignore. Involve them when deciding on the homework schedule to motivate them.

Also, set up a study workplace that is comfortable and quiet. Store homework supplies such as pens, calculators, and rulers nearby. To make things easier, get a homework supply box.

Even when the kids don’t have homework, don’t break the routine. Have them review past lessons or prepare for upcoming ones.

Teach Kids to Declutter Their Bedroom

Most kids collect everything they come across and love to stuff things everywhere. The result is a bedroom filled with so much clutter that it is hard to organize.

Decluttering reduces the number of items your kids have, making it easier to clean and organize their room. You can start the decluttering activity by explaining to the kids why it is necessary. Moreover, talk to them about the importance of donating the stuff they don’t need. This will inspire them to let go of things that they no longer use.

Have clearly labeled plastic boxes for each of the items in the room. Let the children help you put things into the labeled boxes. If there are items that they hold dear, have a special box for them too.

When you go to donate some items, tag your kids along so that they see how powerful their donations are. Don’t forget to store items in specific places once you are done decluttering to keep the room organized.

Use a Planner

A simple checklist such as “4 Things to Do after School” or “What to buy at the Store” can help your children get organized. You can share the checklist with them so that you are in the loop on what is happening. You can also use apps like Google Keep for this task.

Encourage the kids to rely on checklists by giving them chores that involve making lists or pre-planning. Teach them to cross off completed items to provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

You can also use a planner to schedule your children’s school projects, extracurricular activities, and significant home and school events. Highlight the dates when they have big projects or exams to help them avoid all-nighters before that big paper. Moreover, compare their schedules with those of other family members to avoid conflict.

Have an Evening Plan

Although a good morning routine will help you and the kids get out of the house on time, a night or evening routine is even more critical.

Help your children pack their books the night before. Also, pack their school clothes and other accessories such as headbands, socks, and gloves together with their school and lunch bags to reduce confusion in the morning.

You should also have regular bedtime to ensure the children get enough sleep. This will also make it easier for them to get up on time in the morning.

Make Room for Your Kids

Let your children have a space in the home to store their items. This will make it hard for them to drag things all over.

For instance, you can set aside a spot in the kitchen to store their water bottles, snack, or lunch boxes. The place should be easy to reach such that the kids can quickly put the items back once they are done.

You can also designate a play area or room in your home so that you won’t have to pick their toys from different rooms.

Reward and Support Your Children

Most children would rather play than organize their bedroom. If they aren’t doing it right, you will need to motivate the kids.

Supporting and rewarding kids when they do a good job goes a long way in motivating them. Buy them their favorite toy or take them for a treat when they keep their room organized. Moreover, be patient and remind them when they forget to follow their checklists or to organize their room.

By helping your children become organized while they are young, you are equipping them with one of the most essential skills in life. Follow the six tips above to help the kids learn how to be organized and it will go a long way to keep your whole family organized.


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