ParentingCommercial Pool Deck: Ways to Maintain and Keep it Safe

Commercial Pool Deck: Ways to Maintain and Keep it Safe

Swimming pools are a perfect addition to businesses, especially those in line with the tourism industry. Like in some instances, visitors and guests often opt for hotels that have pool areas. Families, mostly those with children, prefer going to resorts and water parks to bond, chill, and help endure the hot weather. With that indeed, swimming is a year-long and one of the most popular outdoor activities.

Ways to Keep your Pool Deck Safe and Maintain

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Orange County Commercial Pool Deck believes that just like how essential to preserve your lobby, corridor, office, and parking lot evenly surfaced and accident-free, the same attention needs to be embedded into providing your pool deck substantial upkeep. With the regular utilization of your commercial pool brought by the surging summer heat, the probability of accident on a pool deck like stumbling, slipping, or falling rises drastically.

To educate you more about the ways in keeping your pool decks safe, here are some practical ways that will to prolong its life expectancy, enhance its curb appeal, and, most of all safeguard your patrons from potential danger.

Keep it Dazzling: Employ Pressure Washing

Keeping your pool deck clean is the most essential and absolute way to preserve its quality and durability. Inevitably, harmful elements coming from leaves, chemicals, and other toxic substances will eventually contribute to its deterioration. Moreover, the moist flooring can result in algae and mold germination, which is not only an eyesore but can make your deck slippery and may cause accidents.

Pressure washing is the most straightforward and most practical method to eliminate dirt and algae growth. Although, you can buy or rent a pressure washer to finish the process by yourself in a matter of hours, seeking professional help is a better option to ensure thorough cleaning and total toxic eradication.

Have Your Deck Protected: Apply Sealant Right Ahead

Spalling is a common problem where a particular or large concrete surface area is peeling off or becomes flaky. Spalling is caused mainly by the freeze-thaw cycle where the moisture penetrates the concrete. As temperature declines, the moisture solidifies and expands, crushing the walls within the concrete surface. In the further downside, this cycle happens yearly. Hence, the damage gets even worse.

Sealing your pool decks is beneficial, especially for concrete surfaces because it adds protection from water exposure and other harmful elements. Unsealed concrete is easily stained and is vulnerable to surface corrosion and physical degeneration. Environmental factors also contribute to blemishing, most likely from leaves, mold, algae, or just by a buildup of a deeply embedded variety of dirt. Regardless of its causes, these dull spots and flaws will have a visible and negative effect on the pool area’s overall display.

Never Hold Back: Mend All Sorts of Crack

While the sealant does its work to minimize spalling, splinterings, fissures, and other relative damages, tiny cracks will eventually appear due to wear and tear. As an effect, the water flows into the splintering, which causes the soil to shrink underneath the concrete surface. This shrinkage can affect the concrete to descend or sink, and even imperil the integrity of the pool as its chain effect.

Worry not since mending small or large cracks can adequately be handled by experts. With the use of specialized and modern equipment, a flawless repair is guaranteed. Furthermore, the paramount thing to bear in mind is that immediate repair makes a huge advantage and will undoubtedly lengthen the concrete’s usefulness.

Aim for the Best Quality: Implement Concrete Leveling and Uniformity

Walking through the pool deck should be smooth and sound with every footstep. With the meticulous inspection, sanitation, sealing, and regular maintenance on your pool deck, structural stability is assured. However, in due time, concrete will unavoidably suspend or incline as the foundation underneath weakens. An inch difference between a sinking slab and the coping stones adjoining the pool is not a stranger to common pool deck problems. Uneven concretes may cause accidents, or worse, injuries.

There are several remedies to correct unleveled surfaces around your pool, including mud or sand-jacking, extraction and replacement, and grout filling. The process to be done will depend on your pool deck’s damage severity. By any means necessary, whichever method it is, availing for professional services will ensure the best result that fits your needs.

If you are in dire need of commercial pool deck repair, never settle for mediocre services. Contact experts for cost-efficient and best results.


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