ParentingHow to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Web

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Web

The internet is an incredible invention, and surfing the web is both entertaining and useful. We use it in our day-to-day lives, for both work and pleasure, and the internet is forever growing and expanding. With social media, we can keep updated with our friends and family’s activities, as well as posting our own life updates, and Google allows us to easily find answers to mind-boggling questions as well as shop or look up restaurant recommendations.

However, children (and adults) must be safe when accessing a computer as there are many dark and influential sites which could cause harm to an individual, as well as online scams which would love to get a hold of your banking details. If you or any of your family have been subjected to a personal injury crime which has caused physical or psychological trauma, make sure to put your case forward for evaluation after reading this personal injury FAQ.

Read the advice listed below to minimalize the risks when online.

Computer’s Location

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Before your children become teenagers and ask for laptops or private desktops, make sure to position a computer your children can access somewhere central in the home. This is so you can easily monitor their activity. Alternatively, you could provide them with another electronic device such as an iPad, and place restrictions such as limited time and where the tablet can be used. Most young children simply wish to play games or watch films online, so a tablet with limited internet access may suffice.

House Rules

Just like anything else, rules need to accompany the computer. Children have curfews for being outside, so make sure there’s one for when they are online. You could offer a merit system where children complete chores for an allotted time on the computer. Also, if you are worried about your children stumbling onto offensive sites, make sure you provide a list of approved sites for them to play on.

Offer Alternatives

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With electronic devices being advertised left, right and center, it’s easy to see why children want to be online. However, there are many alternative you could try to ensure they do not become dependent on the internet as a means of entertainment. You could purchase a handheld console such as a Nintendo DS, invest in their hobbies or build them a fanciful bookshelf which begs for their books to be read.

Change Homepages

Homepages are the beginnings of an internet search, and sometimes it can unfold into something unsavory for children. Therefore, use websites such as kidrex or googlejunior, which are perfect for tweens and elementary school children. These homepages do not have to be toggled as they already come with all the safety measures. You can also replace YouTube with Kideos.

Be Approachable

For some, the internet can seem like a daunting place, and many parents are apprehensive about their children being online. Whether it is because they worry about online bullying and explicit content, or they hope their child prefers the outside from the inside, it is best to stay neutral on the subject. Refrain from nagging, and make sure you are approachable if anything unsettling does come their way.

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