ReviewsJohnson's Body Care Review

Johnson’s Body Care Review

This great review was written by Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer”, Latricia, from 1StopMom. Here’s what she thinks about the new additions to the Johnson’s Body Care Line

Johnson’s Body Care Review

Even before I became a parent I was familiar with Johnson’s products. I had no idea they have been around for over 100 years! I do not know one person who does not love the scent of Johnson’s Baby Lotion or Baby Powder on a baby. When I am a holding a baby I just love to close my eyes and inhale that baby fresh scent.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review some products from Johnson’s new woman’s line. I was happy to find out that Johnson has decided to make a product that was just not for babies. This new collection of body care products are unique and has something for everyone. I was able to try out the new line which includes:


This lotion has been developed with shea butter, vitamin E and mica. So while it is hydrating your skin it also reflects light to help illuminate your skin. After applying it I did notice how soft my skin felt. There was a light scent of roses and sandalwood that I liked. It did not feel greasy at all.

The body wash really helps to add to the softness. It lathered up really well and was easy to rinse off.

I used both of these products early in the morning and my skin did stay soft all day without me needing me to add more lotion.




I was really interested in trying the Deep Hydrating Lotion. My skin can get very dry. This winter has been especially harsh so my skin is more dry than usual. This lotion is perfect on those days when your skin is really thirsty. It is made with just a touch of oil to help relieve dry and thirsty skin. I noticed that the lotion was very creamy and I like that. I felt as if I was using a very expensive and fancy lotion. Even though there is oil in the lotion it did not feel greasy at all. I even tried some of this lotion on my daughter. Her skin had gotten really dry and itchy. After using the Deep Hydrating Lotion on her arm you could see the difference. She even noticed how soft it made her skin. She was running around telling everyone to feel how soft her arm was!

The Deep Hydrating Lotion works even better when combined with the Body Wash. It has a pleasant peach and freesia scent. The body is creamy just like the lotion. Unfortunately I can not claim this duo as mine because my daughter says it is all hers and no one else can use it!

The Feeling Healthy Green Tea Lotion is perfect for the person who wants their skin to look and feel more vibrant. The green tea extract and vitamins A & E help to nourish your skin and look more healthy. This lotion has a creamy texture with slight hints of green tea and sandalwood. I really like that the scents of these new products are not overwhelming. Sometimes scents can be to strong and that makes my head hurt. When I put the lotion on it absorbed into my skin very easily with no greasy feeling afterward.

Lavender is one of my favorite scents. I honestly believes it helps me to relax and calm down on those especially trying days. So you can probably guess that the Melt Away Stress line is my favorite. Lavender is combined with moonflower, warm milk fragrance and chamomile extract to create the perfect blend of soothing essences. I just fell in love with it. After a long day of hearing “Mommie she keeps looking at me” or “Honey can you do this little favor for me real quick?”the Melt Away Stress Lotion and Body Wash are the perfect things to help you unwind and relax. I swear, after using it I felt calmer and pampered. I can not believe I survived without this. It is like a mini trip to the spa. I am not lying you have got to try it! It definitely puts a smile on your face 🙂

Now for those days you want to keep that fresh out of the shower feeling you have to try the Forever Fresh Refreshing Body Lotion. It is scented with melon, apples and lily of the valley. Once again the scent is not over powering. The lotion is really light and absorbs fast into your skin. What makes this really stand out is the unique encapsulated, time release fragrance. It really keeps that fresh out of the shower scent on you all day. I was walking around all day asking people to smell me and each time it smelled as if I just put it on. It is really light and breezy. When you use the lotion with the body wash your skin not only gets refreshed but it feels vibrant and soft.

If you are looking for a product to help visibly improve the look and feel of your skin then you should try Johnson’s Be Radiant Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion and Body Wash. This lotion is visibly rich and thick. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin. I like that this lotion is made to help even out your skin tone and texture. When I used it I could smell hints of chocolate, vanilla bean and coconut milk. Very yummy! The body wash has these little dissolving beads that exfoliate you skin leaving it looking beautiful. The body wash has some different scents from the lotion. I smelled some orange and vanilla. It does not smell bad when all the scents are mixed together. They complement each other really well.

I really enjoyed this review. This new collection is luxurious and affordable while being soft and gentle on the skin.

Ready to take the Melt Away Stress 2-Week Challenge? Find out more HERE!

– Latricia @ 1StopMom


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