ParentingImportant Things to Know Before Marriage

Important Things to Know Before Marriage

Unity and togetherness, these are some of the things that come to mind when we think of marriage. Whether it’s over the top and expensive or small and humble, the idea of togetherness makes many ponder joyfully. There are so many steps in the process of marriage that it can easily seem a little daunting for those who aren’t ready and completely committed to the idea. It is generally a lifelongcommitment or at least something somewhat comparable so it’s best to make sure it’s best to make sure it’s something you actually want to do. There are various aspects incorporated into marriage and each it should be considered in order to determine compatibility between both partners.

You may first want to take time and consider how you and your partner generally like to spend quality time. Life can get pretty busy especially if a family is involved, and the more compatible interests are the fewer problems there would generally be. If you happen to bond by outdoor activities for example, and your partner prefers something more straight forward such as watching television or playing a board game, things can become rather distant.

While obviously all of your interest don’t have to be the same, having key things in common will help create a tighter bonding experience. If you discover this is not the case, you can try sharing activities. One week “try hers” and the next “try his”. This trading off allows both partners to experience how the other likes to spend quality if they previously haven’t been exposed. This will help develop a connection to the particular activities and allow you to determine whether it’s something you wouldn’t mind doing on a regular basis.

Even if this isn’t the case,sometimes partners engage in activities that aren’t necessarily at the top of their To Do list in order to please their significant other. Whether you find your partner’s activities to be stimulating or not, there is a certain togetherness to be gained by doing them and spending quality time together.

You should also consider how you both enjoy socializing. Do you like small gatherings?Or large ones perhaps? These seem like rather small details, but are quite important to figure out. If you find that you both have different energy levels and tolerance for crowds this could easily grow into a problem if not managed well. If you’re the type to get out during the evenings and socialize while your partner is more exclusive and withdrawn this could easily generate distance and perhaps even unspoken tension.

Details are best discussed at the beginning of any relationship and room for compromise must be left. It would otherwise be unfair for one partner to always give in to the other’s way of interacting and socializing. Even taking pictures and storing memories or customizing yearbook albums via is something worth discussing If you’re the type to capture every moment via memory book or camera and partner is indifferent this can lead to feelings of discontent.


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