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How We Live A Fit and Healthy Lifestyle #C9atTarget

In a previous post I told you why I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, today I will tell we how our family does it.

We eat more fruits, veggies and healthy foods.

When we were at the point where we, as a family, made the decision to lead a more healthy lifestyle the first thing to go was the junk food. We tossed out everything unhealthy and replaced our cabinets with healthier food. That meant more fruits and veggies (fresh and frozen), healthier meats with less fat and with also did a lot of heart healthy items.

We limit the amount of sugars and salts we use in our food and also make more meals from home. We tend to stay away from fast food, once in a while we’ll treat the children to ice cream or a happy meal but not too often. We are always on the hunt for healthier recipes that include more colorful fruits and veggies. If you recommend any recipe sites for this, please feel free to leave a comment because we truly are on the lookout for more healthy recipes!

I’d have to say the hardest part of this was to learn to actually read the labels and understand them. Before I had no idea about the different fats and didn’t pay attention to how much sodium was in a can of soup. It’s astonishing how many bad things can be in food. We live in small college town so finding good foods besides fruits and vegetables can sometimes be difficult. The closest organic store or Whole Foods is 50 miles away.

Eating in moderation is also something we do. We don’t stuff ourselves until we can’t walk or feel miserable.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

The second thing we did was made a pact that we would do some type of exercise each day. We had a Wii Fit lying around that wasn’t being used, so we decided to use it at least twice a week.

During the spring/summer months when it’s not raining or extremely humid, usually in the evening when it’s cooled down we take the kids outside and play a game of touch football or something that involves running around having fun. Each night we also try to go for at least a 30 minute walk.

My husband and I also try to do more intense workouts through the week. I have to tell you though with the doctors thinking I have lupus or some other type of autoimmune disease, sometimes those more intense workouts are hard for me. Pain is my biggest complaint so I my workouts aren’t as intense as my husband’s but I still try get some type of workout in.

Our other biggie was ditching the car if we would. Since our town is small most places are within walking distance. So instead of driving, if weather permits, we walk when we can.


So those are the main ways we live a healthy and active lifestyle. What activities do you and your family do? Do you have a favorite healthy food you can’t live without?

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