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How to Stay Fit with Kids

Finding the time to exercise can be tough when you have kids and you’re trying to juggle work and a household. As a busy mom, you’re used to finding ways to become more efficient or to better manage your time. Finding ways to exercise with your children is another great way to make more efficient use of your time — allowing you to spend time with your kids while getting in some physical activity for yourself and the whole family. Here are just a few ideas for activities that will help you stay fit with your kids:


This popular adventure sport is a modern-day treasure hunt. If you have a geopositioning device — most smart phones can be used for this — you can go to web sites like www.geocashing.com to get the location details for “caches” near you. Each cache is different and can contain surprise treasures, pictures, notes, or other little treats. Enter the coordinates on your phone or other GPS device to find your cache, then take something or leave something, and be sure to sign the log.

The fun of geocaching is that even though you have the coordinates for a cache, it may be difficult or tricky to find it. For example, a cache could be inside a mountain, in a tree, or even under water. Each cache will come with information about the difficulty level so you know if it’s appropriate for your kids’ activity level.

Take a Nature Walk

Conservation groups and other environmental groups in your region likely sponsor nature walks or bird hikes that would be perfect for a family activity. Walk or hike and learn about the local wildlife, flora and fauna or tree types. Not only will you get in some good exercise, but you’ll also learn something new about nature and your community. Check out groups like the Audubon Society or the Sierra Club to see if there are any offerings near you.

Start a Family Garden

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow some simple herbs or other produce in a small garden in your yard or in containers on your porch. Many plants can be grown with little effort and are suitable for children. Growing a garden together will give you the chance to work up a sweat while also teaching your children the importance of eating whole, natural foods.

Enjoy Water Sports

There are so many fun and kid-friendly water sports that you can enjoy together as a family and get in a good dose of physical exercise. Swimming, wave surfing, tubing, kayaking,  and boating are great summer activities that the whole family will love. Older kids may also enjoy rafting, surfing, or even water skiing. Head to the nearest lake or beach and sample from all the activities that are available!

Host a Family Game

You don’t have to sign up for team sports to enjoy a friendly game of basketball or volleyball. Just set up a hoop or a net in your yard, and enjoy some friendly family competition. Other sports that you could modify for family fun include soccer, flag football, or even softball.

While it may seem impossible to find time for all that you need to do during the day, it can be easy to fit in exercise if you look for ways to do it when you are spending time with your children — allowing you to not only enjoy quality time together but to also stay fit as a family. What other exercises are you able to do with your children to keep you and them fit? Tell us your ideas in the comments!


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  1. Great examples!  When I was younger, my parents would take us out biking at the local park.  Lots of great memories!


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