ParentingHow to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Twins!

How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Twins!

You’ve had the good news your family is going to grow, perhaps more than you’d first thought! Twins may be double the trouble, but they’re double the fun and double the love.

If you are a new mom expecting for the first time, or a mom who’s about to add to her brood with twins, you’re going to need to prepare. A new addition to the family always requires preparation, but with twins it’s important to start thinking about how your life and home will change even earlier, so the two little sweethearts don’t take you by surprise!

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Where Should They Go?

It is important you think about the sleeping arrangements for your little ones before they arrive.

Try and have your twins sleep in a room with you while they’re very little. Babies who sleep in a room with a parent for the first weeks of their life are happier and healthier than babies who sleep in a separate room. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to set up a crib or a Moses basket in your bedroom. Sleeping with your twins for the first couple of months has the additional benefit of helping you adapt as well, and makes the night-time feeds that little bit easier.

A big decision for parents is whether to have twins share a crib or not in the first months of their life. There are real benefits to your twins sharing and not sharing a crib, but really it depends on their routine as they settle.

If one twin sleeps easy and quickly falls into the night-time feeding routine you’ve established whereas the other twin is restless, think about putting them in separate cribs so one doesn’t disturb the other. If both twins have similar sleeping rhythms, one crib should be fine. It’s advisable to prepare for both eventualities.

A similar consideration needs to be taken with rooms, and whether you want your twins to share one or have one of their own.

While your kids are very young it often makes more sense for them to share a bedroom. This makes the night-time feeds easier, and makes it easier to manage all the new baby stuff, as it can all be organised in one space. There are some suggestions that kids get a better quality of sleep when they share a room, so that’s something to think about too.

What Do I Need?

You’re going to need to stockpile a lot of stuff before greeting your twins.

  • Diapers

It’s estimated that twins use around 140 diapers in one week, so start acquiring diapers way before your babies arrive. A good alternative to conventional diapers are cloth diapers, which are better for the environment and will save you around $3000 compared to their disposable counterparts. There’s also suggestions that they’re kinder to your baby’s bottoms, as they’re made of natural materials and more absorbent.

  • Baby Clothes

Be prepared that you’re going to need a lot of baby clothes.  Don’t worry about buying your twins individual outfits at this stage, because it’s going to be quantity that counts the most in the first months of their lives. Babies are mucky, and you’ll soon realise you can’t have enough of the basics. For parents of twins, buying clothes in bulk makes a lot more sense than buying individual pieces, because you’re going to need a lot of clothes.

  • Double Buggy

Getting a stroller is really important, because both you and your babies are going to need some time away from the home after their arrival. There are loads of great double strollers on the market, so it’s important to seek out a double buggy review before picking one that will be right for you and your little ones. A good place to pick your buggy is

Prepare For The Birth

It’s important to prepare for the time after your twins arrive, but it’s important to prepare for the birth to put Mom’s mind at rest. Try and find a childbirth class in your area, and sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to find one especially for twins and multiples, so you can bond with other Moms in the same position as you! Learn the warning signs of preterm labour, because the vast majority of twins are born prematurely. Giving birth to twins is scary, but with the right preparation, you can be calm and trust that you’ve got this.


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