ParentingHow to Organize Baby Clothes Cheap and Fast?

How to Organize Baby Clothes Cheap and Fast?

Even though baby clothes are tiny, they can make a large pile and take up so much space! This is because, as the baby grows, you’ll need to purchase more and more clothes or even receive them as gifts from loved ones. You need to have skills in organizing your baby boy clothes and those of your baby girl in order to stay neat.


If you’re naturally neat, it’s easy to know how to go about organizing your baby’s clothes. On the other hand, it can be difficult for the rest of the people. Continue reading this article to learn tips on organizing baby clothes cheaply and fast. They’ll help you maintain a clean and neat environment in your house.

Sort Baby’s Clothes by Size

All kids’ clothes vary so much in size because babies grow quickly. To ensure you find the right size you need quickly, sort the clothes by size. For instance, start by categorizing clothes from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and so on. After the clothes are sorted, you can fold or hang them.

Divide Your Baby’s Clothes by Type

Once the clothes are sorted by size, compile them by category. This means putting together the same clothes such as pants, onesies, shirts and t-shirts. In addition, it is wise to consider different seasons’ clothes as you sort them. Group light-weight garments for the summer and heavier ones for winter. With this, it will be easy to get the type of clothes you need every time.

Put Different Clothes in Different Drawers

Without a doubt, several drawers are a must-have to help keep your baby’s clothes organized. Assigning each drawer for a particular item is another way to organize kids’ clothing. For example, there should be a drawer for t-shirts, pants, pyjamas, onesies and other clothes. Drawers also help maximize space, allow easier clothes storage, and make clothes easily viewable.

Label the Drawers

Keeping your baby’s garments in order means making use of a system that will be easy to maintain. That includes labelling drawers after assigning clothes categories. Labelling makes it easier to know precisely where specific clothes are placed, saving you the stress of opening one drawer after the other.

File Fold

File folding can play a significant role when it comes to organizing a baby’s clothes. File folding is folding clothes in a rectangular or square manner so they can stand independently. This is an excellent method of organizing garments inside drawers instead of piling them. It helps you to find the specific cloth you’re looking for quickly.

Consider Adding a Baby Closet

Besides having drawers, adding closets is also a great idea. Closets are perfect for hanging larger items such as girls’ dresses and winter gear like jackets. The closet might have other spaces like shelves where you can store clothes the baby won’t wear immediately.

Use Slim Hangers

An additional tip to help you organize your baby girl or baby boy clothes in the closet is to use slim hangers to hang clothes in the closet. Because baby clothes are tiny, hanging clothes with slim hangers allows you to hang lots of clothes, maximizing the space. On top of this, the clothes look organized.

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