ParentingHow to Look After Your Little Flower Girls

How to Look After Your Little Flower Girls

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you have multiple little flower girls to take care of, while they’re full of energy and life, you also need to ensure you’re adhering to all of their needs. One of the first main aspects of the agenda is to find the perfect set of flower girl dresses that suit all of the girls. Then you will have to look after them up until and throughout the big day. It’s a huge day for you and your husband-to-be, but it’s just as long and big for the smaller children in your life. We’ve put together some tips on how to look after your little flower girls as it’s important to ensure everyone has the perfect day! Taking care of your toddlers and little girls will keep them super happy and loving every aspect of the day.

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Choose a Comfortable Dress

Everything is exciting and wonderful, especially for such a small child. However, the day is also very long and tiring. Surely you know the feeling of wearing an uncomfortable dress for a night out and hating every second? Imagine that but as a child, and it’s all day! Choosing the most comfortable fabric for their dress and asking them if they like how it feels (if they’re old enough to talk!) is essential. Most children will tell you what they think when trying on dresses. Listen to what they say that way you’re sure to get a good set of toddler flower girl dresses that feel great and look good too.

Realize that Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect

While you may have put together a walking routine or some sort of dance for the flower girls to do as they waltz down the aisle, it’s not always possible. In your imagination, everyone can do anything you wish them too, but the reality is that they’re only young and sometimes practice doesn’t make perfect. You can ask them to have a go and try walking how you want them too, but it may not go how you planned – roll with it. They’re going to look super cute anyway, even if they don’t do what you want them too.

Don’t Put Pressure on Her

This tip is self-explanatory in that putting pressure on any of your little flower girls isn’t the best thing to do. Pressurizing them will mean they’re less likely to enjoy the day, and therefore not be full of wonderful happiness and energy. Let them do what they want to do, and you’re sure to feel more relaxed.

Put Yourself in Their Tiny Shoes

As we talked about above, wedding days are some of the most tiring and long days any child can ever be a part of. Their only small and their bedtime might be only halfway through your wedding party, just be caring and know that they’re most likely going to fall asleep on one of your wedding chairs while everyone else is dancing. As long as they’re safe and have enjoyed their day – there is nothing to worry about! It’s a lot for such a young girl to put themselves through, try to see things from her perspective.


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