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Snoring In Kids- How To Get Rid of Snoring

Get Rid of Snoring

Just about every person snores on occasion but if it is a recurring problem for a young child, then it sure causes some concern. While adults have poor lifestyles, are largely inactive, have unhealthy food habits, etc, it is generally not so in case of children and hence, their snoring problems stem from totally different causes. We can get rid of snoring problem by different way’s.

Snoring in children can be a sign of sleep apnea – a condition where a person stops breathing intermittently while they are asleep. If untreated, snoring can become a major problem that can affect your child’s overall well being.

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Ways to get rid of a snoring problem

1) Using a Vaporizer : Seasonal allergies or a stuffy nose prompted by a common cold are usually what causes young children to snore most of the time. A mist vaporizer can come in quite handy in such situations. But you must remember to have the device on the cool setting to prevent any burns or scalding as steam at high temperatures has very high heat content. The vapour generated helps ease out the pressure inside the nasal cavity, thus freeing up the air passages and helping your child breathe normally.

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2) Changing Sleep Positions : You can help your children stop rolling by changing their usual sleeping position. If your son or daughter prefers sleeping on their stomach, try rolling them on to their sides once they fall asleep to see if it makes a difference. It does help in most cases because it gives the lungs more room to expand while inhaling and exhaling. If a child sleeps on his/her stomach, the lungs do not have space to stretch out when drawing a breath, hence prompting the body to snore in an attempt to breathe in the requisite amount of air.

3) Using Air Purifiers And Humidifiers : If your child is allergic to dust and small air borne particulate matter, then you must make sure that you use a purifier in his/her room to keep the air free from dust and keep the door closed at all times to cut down on chances of contamination. Most air purifiers can work 24/7 for rooms of certain sizes depending on the machine’s capacity so you can buy one that’s suitable for the size of your room and use it round the clock. Also, dry air has more dust particles and dust mites than moist air so it would be great if you could get a humidifier to ensure the air in the room is moist enough to ward of the dust and the allergies.

4) Clearing the nasal passages : Often in children snoring is caused by something as innocuous as mucus deposits inside the nasal cavity which blocks up the airway and causes a child to snore because, thanks to the blocked passage, the body can’t draw in as much air as it requires to function properly. Talk to the pediatrician or a pharmacist for medicines or devices that help clean the nasal passages. You can also try out a nasal wash – sold over the counter – to wash your child’s nose and ensure that pathway is free and functioning.

5) Regular Exercise : A healthy dose of exercise on a very regular exercise basis is essential to ensure your body is functioning well irrespective of your age. This holds true even for children who should get adequate physical activity preferably every day to make sure that their body and internal organs are functioning properly. Often snoring is a lifestyle trouble which can be cured simply by introducing a little bit of exercise in your child’s daily routine.

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6) Losing Weight : Your child’s snoring problem will increase or decrease in direct proportion to his or her body weight. While obesity or weight gain is not like an epidemic among young children, it is common enough to warrant some serious thought. Also once a child put on extra weight, it is very difficult to shed it. So, help your child get proper and healthy diet.

7) Establish Regular Sleep Routines : Creating a healthy bedtime routine for your child is very necessary to ensure they sleep better and do not snore. Prevent them from any screen exposure preferably an hour before bedtime. Also, make them go to sleep at the same time everyday to make the body get used to a fixed sleep pattern. Once the body gets used to a routine, it becomes easier for it to adjust accordingly and it doesn’t have any problem falling asleep at that particular hour, leading to a healthy habit which prompts a change in overall health conditions of the child and helps prevent snoring in your children.

While these are some handy remedies to deal with a snoring problem in your child, it is best to consult a physician before implementing any change in a child’s routine.







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