ParentingHow to Encourage Big Kids to Wear Diapers

How to Encourage Big Kids to Wear Diapers

Being a parent is the most reasonable and responsible thing in the life of the human being. There is no kind of receipt who would go on to grown and raised children who will one day become responsible, complete and happy people. We raise them all by what they are guided and primarily they are guided by instinct, our social and emotional state. Often we do not know how to act, whether we are too strict or too much tolerant, whether the behavior of our child is a normal stage of development or signs of developmental problems.

As they grow, they become more confident and mature. But there is one problem in the child development. Those kids that don’t do the potty training, often in the future are still wearing diapers. Or there are children that do the potty training, but their parents are those that won’t let their children to be without a diaper. So, if you have a four year old child or more, that needs to wear a diaper, we can provide you some advices to help get your child out of those diapers.

Here are some tips that may help you

  • Give them the needed support – the children must know that you as parent are giving them the needed support. As they grow, they will feel ashamed of the need to wear a diaper. So you have to tell them that this is going to be a period and that you are going to pass through it together. With your support, they will feel more comfortable about it. Let them know that mommy doesn’t want to carry around her diaper bag forever, one day she would like to go back to having a normal handbag.
  • You mustn’t use the diaper as a punishment – Be careful. Your goal is to give a courage to your child to wear a diaper, not to run away from it. You mustn’t threaten to your children by telling that they must wear the diaper as a punishment of what they have done. Always remember that the children must reconcile with the fact that they have to wear a diaper for their own good.
  • Try to be natural while talking to your children – They have to be secure by your side. You have to act natural while you are talking to them, so they won’t feel embarrassed in front of you. Tell them that with the diaper, they don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to go several times to the bathroom.
  • They need to learn that the diaper is very important to them – Try to explain to your children that the diaper is going to be a part of their life for a while. They need to understand that if they want to grow up, first they have to go through some things. And this problem is one of those things. Tell them that it is okay to wear a diaper and that you are not going to love them less because of it. Make the diaper become a part of their daily routine both the day and night.

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